My Kiddos

Meet My Kids, Part 2 (the little momma)

Today is my big girl’s turn to be introduced!

This girl, oh this girl, she’s just amazing! A hoot for sure, sassy, fiercely loving, sensitive, strong, and a smart little cookie! She is SO your typical first born big sister, and I love her so!


Hi! I’m Karis, and I’m 5 years old. That’s the first thing that I tell people when I meet them. Well, actually, I usually introduce me and my little brothers, tell them how old my brothers are, and then tell them that I am 5. Once, when I was meeting someone new I told them that I was 5 and that I am growing up too fast. Mom and dad thought that was funny, but I was just saying what was on my mind (which I often do).

Karis Kindergarten

Being 5, I’m now in kindergarten. My mom is homeschooling me, and we are having a lot of fun, except for phonics. I don’t really like phonics. But, I do want to read books on my own, so I guess I’ll push through it.  I LOVE going to my Classical Conversations co-op day where I learn a lot and get to play with my friends!

Karis and phonicsPhonics….Ughh…

One of my most favorite things to do is draw! I could sit and color with a pack of crayons or markers for hours! I love coloring pictures for friends and family. Sometimes I will even express myself through my drawings. Once, during rest time, my mom told me to stay in my room a little longer, but I didn’t want to. So, I drew a picture showing her that I was sad and that she broke my heart (I can be WAY overly dramatic sometimes!)

Broken heart drawingMy pic of me, frowning, and with an X over my heart, which is broken.
20140115-230730.jpgI love drawing!

I love to sing and dance, and I love music! I want to learn how to play the violin (and luckily I have a great friend who can teach me someday!). I love playing with my brothers, until they want to come in my room after I just cleaned it up. I like for my things to be in their place, and they are a lot messier than I am. I’m a girlie girl, but I am not afraid to be tough (with 2 little brothers, I need to be!). I am silly and fun and make instant friends wherever I go!

Crazy KI’m crazy!
Dancing KAnd fun!

My name, Karis, means grace. My mom liked that name for me and prays for me that I will grow to be a lady of grace. (Most days though, my mom would say that God uses my name to remind her to show grace to me and my brothers!) I’m sure you’ll read more about me and my shenanigans in the future!

Thanks for meeting me today!



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