Note to Self

Note To Self

Launching this blog is something that I have wanted to do for months now! I’m so excited that this week I actually did it! You see, I am the type of person who doesn’t often get things done unless the conditions are perfect. (It’s a type of perfectionism, I think.) Reading “blog how-tos,” one suggested getting a plan together before you even start. Know what kind of posting schedule you will have, if you will do a series of some sort, etc, etc. I agree that this is a helpful and a good idea, but being a mom of 3, trying to homeschool, having a little handmade business, and trying to stay on top of the NEVER ENDING piles of laundry, this momma aint got time to sit down and plan out the future of my blog. (said in a lovely British accent). If I waited until I had it all planned out, this thing would have never happened!

Perfect Conditions

So, I’m glad that I jumped in and got started this week! I will work through my post schedule and figure out things concerning this little space on the web, but for now I am just glad to have gotten started!

Now that I’ve said all of that, I do actually have one thing already planned out for my blog (crazy, huh!?!) Friday’s posts are going to be my little weekly “end of the week” posting that I am calling “Note to Self.” Here, I will highlight some of the things that I have learned from the previous week. It may be silly things, it may serious things, but it will always be me looking in hindsight with 20/20 vision!

So here you go! My first note to self post. Enjoy!

Note to self:

-When a kid has fallen asleep in the car eating a PB&J, and has an incredibly sticky face, it is not a good idea under any circumstance to clean his face up before getting him out of the car and in the bed for nap time. It will wake him up, and he will not go back to sleep. Let sleeping, sticky babes lie!

-When planning a spur of the moment activity with your kids (who are so very excited about it), make sure that the location you are heading to is actually open that day. (I’m looking at you, Upstate Children’s Museum! Closed on Mondays. Boo!)

-When the stomach bug is going around it is best if you don’t eat or drink after your children. Or kiss them really either. Even if they have no symptoms (yet!), that stuff can pop up without warning quicker than a something that pops up real quick! (I couldn’t think of a good metaphor there. Oh well, just roll with it!)

-If you have eaten or drank from said children during said stomach bug time, and your child starts throwing up, you will begin to remember every time that you ate, drank, and kissed the little darling and start stressing about when the bug will hit you. (Still hoping it’s not gonna get me! Please!!!)

-Mrs. Gore’s Diary is a fantastic blog! I have so enjoyed her this week! (, check her out!)

-It’s hard when hubs goes out of town for work, and crazy things are bound to happen (like stomach stuff in the kids out of nowhere!), but you will survive.

-A stop to get gas, while alone with the kids, that then demands a #2 potty break is hard. Getting all 3 kids to stand still and NOT TOUCH ANYTHING while in the bathroom is impossible. And, one of your kids will probably lay down in the gross disgusting public bathroom floor. (Yep, that totally happened this week.)

-God is amazingly faithful to get you through the craziest of times! When you are weak, He is strong!


I’m thankful for the crazy week we had, and praying that sickness will quickly pass from our home with limited casualties!


Did this week leave you with any “notes” you want to remember? Share them in the comments below!

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