My Kiddos

Meet My Kids, Part 3 (the silly one)

It’s time to introduce my last kiddo to you.

As far back as I can remember, I wanted to be a mom of boys. Like, a whole bunch of boys! Now, don’t get me wrong, I am SO glad that I have my little girl, and really glad that she was my first kiddo (Big sisters are amazing! They want to help with things. Karis asks if she can do chores! Crazy!). But, when I found out that I was going to have a little boy, I was so excited! One of the desires of my heart was being fulfilled, and I was so thankful!

DSC_0331Owen’s birthday, 1-21-10. Welcome to the world little love!

This boy captured my heart at first sight. Four years later, he is still such a sweet blessing to me. Happy, happy birthday to my first born boy Owen! You are so loved little guy!

Owen has brought so much laughter and fun to our family! He is super silly, so loving and cuddly (more so than my other 2!), an inquisitive little thing, loves to run and play, and is just a really fun kid! He is also picky, whiny, and dramatic, just so you know he’s not perfect! I’m pleased to introduce my big boy to you today…

Shark Owen

Hello there partner, my name is Owen! (I just said that in my best cowboy voice!) Today is my birthday, and I am now 4 years old! My mom can’t believe that I am already 4. But, I am.

Mom thinks that I am really silly, and I guess that’s true. I love making silly voices, telling silly jokes, and making up silly words. I guess I’m just your average little silly boy. Oh, and I talk about poop a lot. It’s one of my favorite silly things to talk about, but my mom and dad don’t like that very much. But, what can I say, I’m a boy!

Laughing OwenI have been cracking mom up ever since I was really little! (I’m only 18 months old here)

I love my family, especially my big sister Karis! I like to follow her around and do what she does. She really doesn’t like it sometimes, but sometimes she doesn’t mind. I think my little brother Nathan is cool and I can’t wait for him to get a little bigger so we can play more together. My mom and dad are pretty awesome too, until they make me eat food that I don’t want to eat, which is most things, and then I don’t think they are so awesome anymore. I just don’t understand why I can’t have sweets and treats all the time. If I could, I would eat all day!

Yes!!! A cupcake!!

I want to learn how to play the drums one day. I think that would be really cool! I tell everyone that I want to play the drums, Nathan wants to play the guitar, and that Karis wants to play the violin. My dad plays the guitar and my mom sings, so we are a pretty musical family. If the music is playing at our house, then I am dancing! But, my favorite thing to do is run and play! We have a great yard and love just running around and being outside! I’m ready for the Spring so I can go outside more (but I do wish it would snow here!). Playing tag, kicking or throwing a ball, or playing on my playground are some of my favorite things to do outside!

Owen running

As fun as I am, I also have had some not so fun moments. I can get a little whiny (but who doesn’t? Am I right!?!). I don’t like when I don’t get my way, and I like to let everyone around me know it!

One of my not so great moments, caught on camera. Thanks a lot, mom.

Even though I’m not a perfect kid, I know I’m surrounded by people who love me no matter what. I’m really glad about that!

With eyes like these, who wouldn’t love me?

Thanks for taking time to get to know me today! Just like my brother and sister, I’m sure my mom will share more stories about me in the future. I’ll be sure to give her some good material for you!



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