Note to Self

Note to Self {week 2}

Another crazy week is coming to an end. It’s been interesting, hilarious at moments, scary at moments, frustrating at moments (lots of moments!), but overall sweet and really great! Here are some of the things I learned this week…

-In case you have forgotten, paper cuts are AWFUL!! How a tiny little thing can inflict so much pain is beyond me!

-If you say this to your kids, “tell you what, if you come and wake me up at midnight, I’ll give you some skittles,” chances are at least one of them is going to take you up on it. Maybe not exactly at midnight, but in the wee hours of the morning one of them will come knocking and ask for the skittles!

-If your kid takes you up on the skittles in the middle of the night thing, you better be a man of your word and go get the kid some skittles. Hopefully it will be a fun memory for her, but definitely for you! πŸ™‚

-Songs and videos about babies and being a parent make me tear up every. single. time!

(This song has had me almost weeping this week!)

And have you watched this video yet?? I’m a mess every time I watch it! (seriously, I just teared up watching it again to post it here!)

-Nathan’s head is remarkably resilient. (A fall off the bed, a fall into a wire storage cart, and a fall at Walmart all right onto his head! The boy is accident prone, but tough!)

-Sometimes trips to the store with the kids go smoothly, but sometimes they SO do not. But, cookies or chocolate will help to get through. (I guess you could give some to the kids too! πŸ˜‰ )

-Frozen may be the best Disney movie of all time. The songs, the story, the ending, it is wonderful!

-Breaking Owen’s finger sucking habit is going to be hard. Like, really, really heard. Buckle up for a rough ride. (If anyone has any suggestions or success stories please share! I will take any advice you may have!)

-Speaking of Owen, he turned 4 this week. Time is flying by. Make sure you slow down and soak in the time with the kiddos. They are going to be grown before you know it!

MotherhoodThe weeks, the months, and the years fly by!


What notes are you leaving yourself from this week??

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