How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You….(Valentine’s Gift Guide #1)

I am getting excited about Valentine’s Day! Mainly because, I get to go out on a hot date with my husband!! Woohoo! This is something that doesn’t happen as often as I would like, so the fact that I get to go on a date, on actual Valentine’s Day, is pretty awesome!

I mentioned last week about being excited to share my favorite inexpensive gift ideas, including diy gifts, that I have made over the years. I often find ideas online that spur my ideas and spring board me to something a little different. Maybe you’ll be inspired by something I share and make it your own! My hope is to inspire creativity in the gift giving department, without spending a lot of money!

**These gifts may cost a little bit of money for the supplies, but my goal is
to keep it cheap and still make a sweet gift!**

So here we go….

Valentine’s Day DIY Gift Guide

A Sentimental Gift

The idea I have to share with you today is what I made the hubs last year, and it’s probably one of my most favorite gifts I have ever made for him!

20140203-100340.jpgForgive the poor picture phone quality!

I am a sap for sentimentality, and this gift plays on that really well! And, it was cheap, so that played to my husband really well! What you have here are 3 different maps that I pulled up from google earth. There is a map of where Blake and I met (Santa Cruz, CA), a map of where we got married (Kings Mountain, NC), and a map of where we started our family (Wake Forest, NC). I tried to fit in the areas that were really special to us, and the one of Wake Forest I made sure that our address could be seen! It is such a sweet little walk down memory lane that celebrates our love!

One of my favorite bloggers and fellow Etsy seller Dana (check out her blog here) uses the phrase “shop your home” a lot, and that’s exactly what I did with this project. I already had this 3 frame picture frame that was holding some old pictures (and the thing was just tucked in the back of my closet!). So, I felt like it was time to put the frame to good use and get it out from the closet! Already having the frame and simply printing off the maps from the computer made this a SUPER cheap gift for my man!

Now you may not have a frame like this laying around, but maybe you have some other frames that could be put to good use. I think 3 individual frames could work really well for this gift too! And, if you don’t have any extra frames laying around, I am sure your local thrift shop would have plenty!

Make this gift special for YOUR sweet one! Not married yet? Don’t have any kiddos? That’s ok! What places are special to you guys? Think of places that are meaningful to you both and will bring back fond memories of your time together. I just loved making this as it brought back all kinds of wonderful memories! I hope you like it too!

That’s my first idea, but look out tomorrow for another inexpensive gift idea! And, look out later today for a super fun and exciting Valentine’s giveaway! (Should be up this evening sometime!) πŸ™‚


What do you think of this sentimental gift idea?

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