Valentine’s Day Giveaway!!

And now…an Introduction and a Giveaway!!

I have something wonderful to introduce to you today.

Flower Ball Edit

This cute little thing is going to be added to my Etsy shop this week, and I am so excited about it!

Ever since I started making these little felt flowers I knew I wanted to make some little bouquets. I made 2 larger ones that already made it in the shop, but I had this idea for smaller ones. I love how cute these little things are and how they are almost like cake pops! So, I think I’m going to call them flower pop bouquets! What do you think about that? (For real. Flower Pops? Is that silly? Does it work? I would seriously LOVE your opinion!) The one above I made for one of my best friend’s new baby girl. I love the pink and grey together!

Each flower pop bouquet will come with 3 custom made flower pops in a mason jar. I love the combination of  the mason jar being country and rustic, and then the flowers being soft and pretty! So fun!

And now to celebrate not only the launch of these new items, but also to celebrate Valentine’s Day, here is a special, exclusive little thing that you can win!

giveaway edit

How stinkin’ cute is this vase?? If you frequent the Target $1 spot you may have seen this cutie little thing! I picked this up and immediately knew I wanted to dress it up with my little flowers and give it away!! (I should have picked one up for myself. Hmm, hindsight.)

It’s absolutely PERFECT for Valentine’s Day, and someone is going to win it! Here are the details how…

This is going to be a share and comment about it giveaway.

Share this post on facebook, twitter, instagram, and pinterest, and leave a separate comment below each time you share. So, you will leave one comment for sharing on facebook, one comment for twitter, etc. You can get up to 4 entries a day from sharing this post. Don’t feel like sharing it, that’s cool too!  Everyone can get one entry just by leaving a comment telling me what you think about the new little flower pop bouquet! The giveaway will run until Thursday, and I’ll announce a winner Friday morning in my “Note to Self” post. And, I’ll ship the little darling off to the winner on Friday too! You’ll be able to get it in time to display it for Valentine’s Day, or in time to give it away to someone!

I’ll use on Thursday night at 11 pm to pick the winner!

Ok, I’m really excited about this very first giveaway!



11 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Giveaway!!

  1. so fun heather! love when a post shows up on facebook & i get a chance to check it out! hope to see you before 2014 is over – it’s been too long!

  2. I’m commenting so if I do win please give it to the coolest most fabulous single lady you know for valentines day! I love your creativity!

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