I Love You Baby…(Valentine’s Gift Guide #3)

Hi there! Hope your Wednesday is going fabulously well today. And if not, I hope it just gets better!

I’m just going to jump right in today with the next Valentine’s Day gift idea, so here you go!

Valentine’s Day DIY Gift Guide

A Crafty Gift


I have 2 different ideas for you today, but both are of the box variety. One is a box that I made for Blake and one is a box that he made for me. We made them for each other while we were dating, so they have held up for over 9 years! I’m sentimental, and he is classic and simple. So, any guesses who made which box for whom?? πŸ™‚

One thing to note here is that both of the projects are a little demanding of time, and just a little bit more expensive to make. But, they still aren’t too expensive at all. They are definitely a more crafty gift!

First up, I’ll tell you about my creation for him…

20140205-134731.jpgScrapbook Box

In case you couldn’t guess it, this was my gift to Blake. Obviously my sentimental side jumped out here and all over this box! I called it a scrapbook box because that’s pretty much what it is. A ton of scraps and things that brought up memories from our time together. Where we met, where we went on dates, and other special places and memories. I bought the box at Michael’s and I am sure that other craft stores have them too.

What you want to look for is an unfinished box. Most craft stores have an unfinished wood section, or even a paper mache section. I have seen small boxes at Hobby Lobby that would work really well for this project for about $5. The other important thing that you will need is Modge Podge and a foam brush. Modge Podge works as a glue, sealer, and finisher. It’s awesome!

Collecting your “scraps” for this project is really fun! Pictures, receipts, ticket stubs or whatever you have will make fun additions to the box. I printed off a verse and several important dates in our relationship and added it to my box for Blake.


Once you have everything together and are ready to assemble the box, here is what you do…

-Paint some modge podge on the back of the item you will put on the box. Repeat until everything is attached to the box the way you like it!

-Paint modge podge all over everything you just glued on. So, basically it will be like you are painting the whole box. It may look like it is ruining your pictures and your items, but it will dry clear and will seal all the items onto the box. Make sure you open the box lid before you paint the modge podge on, so that you don’t seal the box shut! That would be no bueno.

-Let it dry for a day or so, and repeat the painting process if there are places that were not sealed. (I have never repeated this process as I always felt that once was sufficient.)

It’s a cute thing, and I enjoy seeing it from time to time and reliving some of our first moments together. So, that’s the scrapbook box!

Next is Blake’s box to me..


My sweet husband, he did a good job here! It is such a sweet, simple, and perfect gift! This one is a little more tricky, but just in my opinion because I have never stained wood before!

He started out with an unfinished wood box too. I am thinking this one came from hobby lobby, but again, most craft stores will have something like this. For the wording on the box, he got a little creative. See my darling man does not have very good handwriting. He helped my daughter with her handwriting work one day by writing out some example words for her to copy, and I had trouble telling the difference between his writing and our daughter’s!

To make up for his poor penmanship he printed off the verse in the size and font that he liked. He then traced it with an exacto knife onto the wood. This process engraved the scripture into the box, and he then went over the words with a black pen to help them stand out a little more. He laid the heart shape over the engraving and stained the box around it. (I’m not sure how long it took for it to dry, and that is worth looking up to give yourself enough time.)

The finished product is a sweet and simple gift that I love displaying in my room.

Now one last idea to share that will make either one of these boxes even more fun and romantic for Valentine’s Day…


On the inside of the box I printed off the words “I Love…” and filled the box with tons of things that I love about Blake. There are serious things like his heart that loves the Lord, the way he serves others, the way he pursued me. Then there are fun things like his eyelashes (they are killer!), the way he holds my hand, and that he is super attractive!

Just like yesterday’s idea, pointing out the things that you love about your spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend is fun for you to think through and oh so special for them to see.

Even if you decided not to make either of these boxes, you could still find a cute box at a thrift store and fill it with things that you love about your love! Make it a full of love box!

That will do it for today friends! I am so enjoying sharing these ideas with you, and I have a couple more to share with you so stay tuned! If you don’t want to miss the next ideas, be sure to click the “follow” button down on the right. You will get an email when I post something new, so then you won’t miss a thing!

Speaking of not missing a thing, have you entered my giveaway yet? Tomorrow is the last day for it, and there are not many entries. So, you’re odds are pretty good at winning a cute little Valentine’s Day handmade flower bouquet in an adorable vase! Go check it out!

See you tomorrow with idea #4!


**Enjoy a fun little “I Love You Baby” song from one of our favorite groups at the moment…

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