Love is an Open Door…(Valentine’s Gift Guide #4)

So, have you noticed the fun little thing I’ve done with all my Valentine’s gift posts? I’ve titled them with popular love songs, in honor of the season of LOVE!

Today, I had to give my new all time favorite Disney movie some love! “Love is an Open Door” is a song from Frozen, and it is so fun! We sing it a lot around here! Well, we sing all of the songs from that movie a lot around here! ๐Ÿ™‚

And, I can attest that loving my husband has opened all kinds of doors for me! I like red wine because of him. I like sushi because of him. I like new kinds of music because of him. And, now this city girl at heart lives out in the country because of him (and I think I like it!) Yes, love is an open door!

Now, on to the matter at hand….

Friends, I have another gift idea for you today, and like I said, this one is pretty awesome! Remember, one of the goals of listing these ideas is not just to show you exactly how to do something, but to get your creativity running! Take these ideas and make something different, but feel free to make the things that I’ve shown you too! Either way, get those creative DIYย  juices flowing!

Valentine’s Day DIY Gift Guide

A meaningful gift

Now, I know this may look like a big jumbled mess in the picture, but this is probably the most special thing that I have ever made. It makes me happy to think about it, and happy to share it with you.

Let me explain what you are seeing here, and then I will share some ways that you can make this your own.

First of all, I have several pictures of a very special place.


This is a picture of a bench in a beautiful courtyard in downtown Charlotte. It was on this exact bench over 9 years ago that Blake asked me to marry him. (Cue the love songs and oohs and ahhs!)ย  I took several pictures of this spot so that we could always remember this special time in our lives.

Now, do you see all the other things around the pictures? These are copies of some of my actual prayer journal entries from before I met Blake, after I met him, and after we started dating. I gave him a gift of seeing how I had prayed for him before I had ever met him. He saw how I prayed to be a woman who loved The Lord more than anything. He also saw how I prayed that our relationship would honor and glorify God.

The thing that makes this gift idea so meaningful and special is that it’s sharing with the one you love things that they don’t usually get to see or know.

This was actually the gift that I gave Blake for our wedding. I wanted him to know how I had prayed before we committed our lives to one another. Some of the entries were years before I met him, so this was a really cool gift (if I do say so myself!).

Now you may be thinking, I don’t keep a prayer journal. I don’t have a cool bench to take a picture of. And you know what, that’s ok! You can still take the essence of this idea and make a great gift! The main thing is to share with your love things that they don’t usually get to know or see. Here are some ways that you can take this idea and make it your own:

-Write down prayers that you have prayed or are praying for your loved one and put them in a collage.ย You can hand write out specific things that you are going to pray for them and sort of jumble them up in a collage type way in a frame, on a canvas, or something else. We like using reclaimed wood for projects, so that could be really cool too! Giving your love not only a gift of prayer, but also a gift of getting to see and know what you are praying is B.E.A.utiful! (At least, to me it is!)

-Have pictures showing some fun times you have had, but share in more detail how you felt or how your love made you feel.ย I think this could be really cool! Again, the idea is to share more than you have before, or something that they don’t know. You could put a few pictures in a frame or in a photo album and then put a caption or a note next to it.

-Share meaningful Bible verses. Similar to the prayer collage idea above, you could write out or print out several verses that are either meaningful to you or meaningful to you and your love together. Are there special verses that you had read at your wedding? Are there family verses that are important in your home? If you have some verses that are special in your life, you could share them and explain why they are so special to you. (Again, opening up and showing something that maybe they haven’t seen before.) This could be put in a frame too. I like frames and framing things. ๐Ÿ™‚

-Or, of course, share your own journal entries or secret thoughts. Take the things that you have thought, prayed, and felt and turn it into a special and meaningful gift for your love!

When I mention the collage idea and framing it, here is what I have in mind…

Gift ideaDon’t look at the mess behind the picture! My craft area needs some organizing!

Imagine words on the pieces of paper (prayers, verses, memories, etc), a cute piece of scrapbook paper as the backing, and maybe even having the pieces of paper look aged. (All you have to do for that is let your piece of paper, with the writing or print already on it, soak in tea for about 10 minutes. Let it dry and, voila! Aged paper! So easy, and really cute!) You can put a special picture in the middle and have the papers around it, or not use a picture at all.

Again, the idea is to make this your own! Whatever you like, or whatever your love would like! There are plenty of ways to make a special, meaningful gift out of this idea for very little money! Woohoo! ๐Ÿ™‚

Well, that’s my little DIY idea for today! I think I have one more very practical gift to share, and hopefully I will get to do that tomorrow.

Thanks for tagging along as I have shared all these ideas! I am really enjoying it, and really looking forward to making my Valentine’s Day gift this year! (Maybe I’ll post what I’m going and how I do it. It is going to come from an idea I shared today!)

Until next time…


**What do you think of this idea? What stands out most to you? Prayers? Scripture? Memories? I would love to know how you would make this idea your own!

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