All You Need is Love…(Valentine’s Gift Guide #5)

Well everyone, we are in the home stretch. In just 4 more days we will be celebrating Valentine’s Day! And like I said before, love it or hate it, it’s coming! But, with the looming bad weather, who knows if any of us here in the south will be venturing out for Valentine’s Day! It may be a “baby it’s cold outside, let’s stay in and snuggle after the kids are in bed” kind of night. 😉  A movie and a glass of wine would make for a lovely evening!

I have had so much fun sharing some of my favorite DIY gift ideas with you, and I surely hope you have been inspired! My last idea is a silly, but fun idea for the love in your life…

Valentine’s Day DIY Gift Guide

A practical gift
Sock Bouquet(Click on the picture to get to the tutorial on how to make this!)

It is a bouquet of socks!! I totally made something like this for Blake before! (This is not a picture of what I made him, by the way! Mine was WAY less cute!)

If you don’t remember me saying so before, my husband is not a big lover of getting gifts. He doesn’t want me to spend money on things that he doesn’t really need, and often times my greatest gift to him is not getting him anything!

But, he is definitely practical. The man put deodorant in my stocking this year! See, practical! So, a gift like a sock bouquet is ok in his book! It’s something that he needs, something he’s going to spend money on anyway, so why not dress it up and make it a cute Valentine’s Day gift??

There are a ton of ways that you can take this idea and make it work for the love in your life. What do they like? What do they need? What are they going to spend money on anyway?

For my husband, another practical thing is coffee. We are coffee junkies around here. Getting a couple of bags of coffee, taping them to some dow rods as stems, adding some tissue paper in a vase, and bam! Coffee bouquet! Practical!

Or, do they frequent coffee shops or other stores? A few gift cards to their favorite locations would make a cute and practical gift.

Here are some of my favorite “manly” bouquets from the web…

bacon bouquetA bacon bouquet. For real, that’s bacon!

candy bar bouquet

Candy bar bouquet. Cute and delicious! Perfect!

Favorite things bouquet

“A few of his favorite things” bouquet. Thoughtful and awesome!

I’m sure there are tons of other ways that you can make this practical gift work and be a blessing to your love. Just think through what they need, and make it into a bouquet!

This idea could even be a ton of fun to make for friends too! I just love the practical but cute nature of it, and I think that makes it a great gift!

Well, that’ll do it friends! I truly hope that some of these ideas have spurred your creativity and gotten you excited for the upcoming holiday!

Let me encourage you with something though. Don’t let the only time of year that you make a big deal of your love be on Valentine’s Day. It’s easy to take things and people for granted. Let this Valentine’s Day be just the start of a whole year of pursuing the one you love! Think about them often. Dwell on the qualities and characteristics you love about them. Think about when you met, your first date, and if applicable, your wedding day. Think on those sweet memories and treasure them! Relationships are hard, and rocky patches are bound to come. But, weather those tough times by remembering all that you love about them and all that you have experienced together.

Oh love…

love is a many splendored thing

Enjoy your week friends!


**What has been your favorite idea that I shared? What are you doing for your valentine this year?

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