Note to Self {week 5}

Well, this post is a bit later than usual! With the crazy weather from last week and all the fun of Valentine’s Day, I just didn’t get to post it on Friday. But, better late than never, right?? 🙂

Well…I certainly had some fun/crazy moments last week! Here are my notes to keep and remember…

-Before loading up the family on a Saturday to run an errand at the post office, make sure what time they close. Even if you really believe they close at 12, that doesn’t make it true.

-Having to go to a different, busier post office on a Saturday can mean you will be there for almost an hour. No fun for anyone.

-Getting Etsy orders mailed off is awesome (even if it’s on a Saturday and you’ve been there for almost an hour).

20140212-150528.jpgMy latest orders that were mailed off!

-Be careful when walking/running around a corner. Knocking into something hanging on the wall will leave you in pain for a LONG time! Getting older means not recovering as quickly from injuries. Even injuries involving a hanging flower pot and your shoulder. Ouch!!

-Free birthday meals at restaurants continue to be one of the best things ever! (Happy birthday to my husband, we all get to go out to eat! Yes!!!!)

-If bad weather is imminent, and you wait until the day it’s supposed to begin to go to Walmart for groceries and necessities, this may not be as bad an idea as you think. As long as you go as early as possible, say 8:30 or so, it’s not too bad. However, going much later than this is A TERRIBLE IDEA! AVOID AT ALL COSTS!

-Getting snowed in at a friend’s house is SO much fun!

-We have awesome friend’s who let us come over and get snowed in at their house! 🙂

20140216-165346.jpgAll the kiddos from our snowed in party playing in the wonderful white stuff!

-Snow cream is awesome!

-It’s ok to be a little disappointed when the weather forecast says expect 8-10 inches of snow but you only get 3 1/2 inches. But, keep in mind that you live in SC, and 3 inches of snow is still a pretty big deal.

-This guy will eat anything, including the snowman’s nose!

20140216-165402.jpgBest snowman picture ever! Love my youngest rascal!

-To a toddler, melting snow and all the water it produces is super fun to splash and play in. Seemingly more fun to him than the actual snow was.

-You can be the coolest mom around if you will cut your kids sandwiches into shapes! Heart shaped grilled chesse for Valentine’s Day was a hit!

20140216-220339.jpgMy sweet big girl on Valentine’s Day!

-Your youngest can, and will, get into things that you a) don’t know are around, and b) don’t think he would be interested in. A pile of dry concrete rocks was great fun for the little guy. Keep a close eye on that one! He’s gonna be trouble!


-Date nights are awesome! Even if it’s just dinner and getting a drink, any time out with just the hubs is a beautiful thing!

-Spending one on one time with each of my kids is a great, and needed thing too! I forgot how nice a Target trip could be with just one kid! It was like a pleasant stroll instead of the chaos that it normally is!

-There are always going to be things that need to get done. Laundry, cleaning, deadlines, etc. Make sure that these things are put into their proper place and have the right perspective about them by seeking the most important thing first. God will give us all that we need to accomplish all that He has for us. Seeking Him first, seeking Him daily, that is what is most important. Even if it’s only 10 minutes of time in the Word to start, it’s better than zero minutes. My circumstances almost never line up so that I can have time in the Word exactly how I want it (hours at a coffee shop, journaling, praying, reading in solitude), so I cannot wait until then. Take a few moments here and there and whenever I can to sit before the Lord in His Word. I will never regret doing this! Cultivating my walk with the Lord will help me to do all that I have to do in a way that will honor and glorify Him.



The last one there is something that I really want to focus on in my life. It’s so easy for me to get caught up in the urgent things and neglect the most important thing. I’m thankful that God’s grace and mercy are available to me, and for His Spirit that has been nudging me more and more to come and soak in the Word. Any tips on how you have found success in this area are very much so welcomed!

I’m thankful for lessons learned, and I’m excited to see all that The Lord has for me in the week to come! Here’s to hoping it’s a great one for you,



How do you make the time to spend reading the Bible during a busy day? I would love to hear from you!


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