Joy in Circumstances

I have a sick kid, a whiney kid, and one kid who wouldn’t nap today. 

I have a van that quit working this week, while I was driving it, with my kids in the car. (Yeah, that was crazy!)

I have a laptop that decided it didn’t want to work today, leaving me to write this post on my phone (which is not the easiest of things).

After writing the whole post on my phone I hit the wrong button and deleted the whole thing, and it wasn’t saved (cue the frustration!).

(Full disclosure, I am now writing this post on a friend’s computer. I just couldn’t bring myself to try to write it again on my phone. It was not fun.)

I have some not so great circumstances in my life at the moment, but, I am choosing to fight for joy. Things could be better, but things could be worse. I believe that all things in my life, big and small, good and bad, are ordained by the Lord, and that trials work for my good and God’s glory.

One of my best friends and her church family are having to fight for joy right now in light of a devastating trial. Their pastor’s 13 year old son passed away this week, very unexpectedly. Even in midst of this dark time every post that I have seen, heard, and read from members of this body of believers has pointed to the fact that they are trusting God. They are fighting for joy in this circumstance. They have hope that God is with them and is still good. They are seeking Him for comfort.

They have been a huge encouragement to me.

We all face trials, the seemingly small and the kind that seem impossible to overcome. But, joy can still live in these times, because joy is founded in something that cannot be taken away. It’s built on a faith that is sure and solid. Christ came and defeated sin and death and has prepared a place in Heaven for those who love Him.

That dearly loved 13 year old boy loved Jesus, and he is now with the One he loves in Heaven! He is experiencing fullness of joy!

No matter what the Lord ordains to bring our way, we can choose joy, and I pray we do.

Praying for you all at Living Faith Baptist Church,


**If you are interested in helping the family who lost their son, there is an online fundraiser taking place to help with medical bills they are now facing. Please click here and give if you are able. Every little bit will help.**

The following song was posted by my friend this week after Ezekiel’s death. I wanted to share it here too.

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