What a Month! {An Update}

So yesterday marked one month since my last post. Seriously?!? A whole month has gone by! Craziness! And it has been nothing short of craziness in my home this past month, which is why the blogging had to be put on the back burner for a while.

Let me give you the run down of what the past few weeks held for us…

– 1 week long mission trip to Haiti for my husband (so I was a single momma)
– 5 colds
– 5 doctors visits
– 1 wheezing child
– 1 set of chest X-Rays
– countless albuterol treatments
– 1 round of steriods
– 4 shots
– 3 stomach bugs (one adult and twice for one kiddo)
– 2 ear aches (same kid, 2 different times)
– 1 ruptured ear drum
– 1 round of antibiotics
– countless sleepless nights

Like I said, craziness! A lot of it occurred while my husband was away, which made dealing with sickness even more challenging! I have a new respect and admiration for single mommas. You ladies are seriously amazing!

We have been so sick, but I am hopeful that with the arrival of spring will come a little bit of healing and health in our home. (PLEASE DEAR LORD!!) So, no one mention allergies, ok? Ok. 🙂

My little Etsy shop has been rather busy in the last month as well. Trying to tackle all that I had on my plate plus the unexpected illnesses that arrived was quite challenging! But, God was so good and faithful and helped me to get some cute things made and sent off. Here are a few of my latest little creations….

C and B edit

This set of letters were adorable! I could not get enough of that pink and white polka dot flower! It turned out so cute! And, the giraffe kills me every time! Love it!

R and P bookends

The quality of this picture is not so great, but you can get the idea! This set of bookends was for a lady throwing a shower for her friend due with twins! A little girl and a little boy.

Funny story with this one. She didn’t really have a preference for the animal and told me just to do whatever I thought would be cute. I first made a little black and white owl, but when it ended up looking more like a bat I went with the cute little raccoon I like to make. I thought it was adorable! When I let her know what I made she informed me that the friend she was getting the bookends for has a crazy fear of raccoons! What are the odds! And, to make matters worse, I had already sent them off to her! Lesson learned! Definitely have everything OK’d before shipping items! It just added to the craziness of the month! 🙂

To fix the problem, I made this little felt cutie and mailed to her…

bowtie bunny

The little bunny with a bow tie was adorable! I’m sure he is so cute on the letter!

KT letters

This set of letters was for one of best friends and her newest addition, Knox! (Her 3rd little boy in 2 1/2 years!) I love making these letters, and getting to make them for a sweet baby that I already love was really special! This is the second set that I have made for my friend (and actually the first set is what inspired me to start my Etsy shop), and I love how they turned out! The K was a tricky letter, so to see it turn out so well was such a sigh of relief! Knox Ezekiel Tucker, you are loved little guy!

So those are my completed projects! I have several things coming up, so the busyness isn’t letting up (for which I am thankful!). Here is a sneak peak at something I am working on right now…

pink white and grey bouqetOne of 2 flower girl bouquets. A first for my little shop! Super excited!

It is good to be back on here friends! Here is to the rest of March being slightly less eventful and warmer!


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