Note to Self {not sure what week we are on, but we’ll just jump back in!}

Like the title says, I’m not sure what week this note to self post would fall under, so let’s just jump back in and do this thing. Shall we? Every single week there is some kind of craziness that happens in this house with my 5, 4, and 2 year olds!  One of the biggest things I am learning, and I’m sure I  will continue learning, is that homeschooling has some major challenges when a 2 year old is in the mix!

So here you go, some “Notes to Self” from this past week, and some other notable things from weeks past, in no particular order:

– When you hear that a kid has opened and set off an emergency door alarm, do not assume it’s NOT your kid. You’re first thoughts of, “oh, glad that’s not my kid” can be met with shame and embarrassment when you find out that it was in fact your kid that set off the alarm.

– When you go through one round of antibiotics for an ear infection for your 5 year old, don’t assume that it’s going to do the trick. That mess can come back a couple weeks later causing more pain, another doctor visit, and more antibiotics. (Ughh, can we just get healthy already!)

– When you think your 4 year old has the potential to become a soccer goalie phenomenon, don’t be surprised if he later acts like he’s never played with/seen/been around a soccer ball before in his little life! He may be awesome one game, but then the next playing in the breeze, twirling around, and just having a general indifference to the game of soccer may be more his taste! (He earned the best goalie award, but also the most likely to play with the net award!)

20140411-001513.jpg Owen at his last soccer game. He’s pretty stinkin’ cute, even if he’s not the greatest soccer player!

– Definitely sign up for soccer again next year! It was way fun! 🙂

– Music can make a lot of things better. Stressful evening with the kids? Give them some guitars and let them play and laugh! You’re sure to enjoy it and laugh too!

20140411-002127.jpgI’m pretty sure they are singing “Summer” from the movie Frozen here! I love it!

– If your girl wants to sleep with her face painting still on, just let her sleep with her face painting still on. It’s really not a big deal, and it will wash off just fine the next day.



-Homeschooling is awesome, but not without it’s challenges.

– When getting some creative activities for your 2 year old to play with during homeschool, don’t be surprised if the 30 minutes you took to make the activity is met with 3 minutes of playing with said activity. Your grand idea of 30 minutes of uninterrupted play time for toddler and school time for the big kids doesn’t match your child’s nearly nonexistent attention span!

Making shape blocks into magnets to use on a metal cookie sheet should be an awesome time consuming activity for your toddler, right? Wrong.

– Turn up the training on developing your toddler’s attention span!

– Something crazy can happen at the hands of your toddler quicker than you can even possibly imagine! He is a little disaster waiting to happen!

Oh hey buddy. Whatcha got there? Dry erase markers all over your legs? Awesome.

– One moment of smiling and fun with a toy can quickly turn into an all out meltdown when your toddler can’t figure out how to do something with the toy. Lots of patience and love are needed to help little buddy.

– Patience is particularly hard to give though when the meltdown happens during homeschool time. But, love and patience is still necessary.

– The way you respond to your toddler is a bigger lesson to your big kids than that math or phonics lesson you are trying to get done.

– There are tons of moms who have gone through this battle of homeschooling with toddlers, so seek wisdom from those who have gone before! (Thanks so much to all of you who have helped me with your ideas and experiences! I’m sure you’ve not heard the last from me!)


I am honored to be these little one’s momma, and as crazy as some days may be, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else! I am also very thankful for the opportunity to homeschool them! Some days are trickier than others, but there is nothing else I would rather be doing!

Have an awesome weekend friends!




**What “notes” are you leaving yourself from this week? 

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