A Fun (and Delicious!) Activity for the Kids!

I am all about Pinterest. I love all the ideas and finding creative things to do with my kiddos. But, let’s be honest, most of the awesome pins I have found, more often than not, go unmade. But yesterday I was determined to do a fun activity with the kids after rest time, and I had found just the thing!

Now, the normal routine we have fallen into is electronic time after naps. It could be a video (or 2…) or some time playing PBS Kids or Nick Jr. games on the computer. If it’s nice outside I encourage them to go out and play, which they often do, but sometimes the lure of the moving screen is just too enticing. Yesterday was rainy so I knew outside wouldn’t be an option, and I knew they were going to want some screen time. One kid emerged from their room, and this happened…

Kid: Mom, can I play a game on the computer.
Me: No, not today. I want us to do an activity.
Kid: NOOOOOO!!!!!!
Me: Whoa.

The exact details of the utter despair and fit that was thrown by my kid are not given here, but I am sure you can tell it was not a pretty moment! It’s so easy for me to fall into letting the TV be a quick source of entertainment for the kids and a little extra time for me to do whatever it is I need/want to do. But what I got today was a clear glimpse of how addicting electronics are to my little ones. Now, I’m not saying that TV time or computer time is bad, but I think as parents we can discern when something is loved too much by our kiddos and when we need to redirect them to different outlets.

Cue the Pinterest idea!

When you find something on Pinterest that only has 3 ingredients, is fun and delicious, AND you have everything you need to make it, it’s like you’ve won the lottery! And let me tell you, this was a lottery winning idea….


Peanut Butter Play Dough!


(Check it out here)

I have seen this before but have never tried to make it. I knew my kiddos would love it, so once they were all up from napping we jumped in and made this fun and tasty treat!



So here are your ingredients: Peanut butter, 3 marshmallows, and powdered sugar.

We heated up the marshmallows and peanut butter in the microwave 2 different times at 10 seconds each (our marshmallows were a little on the old side, so they needed a little extra softening up in the heat).

Then they stirred away…


This step took a little bit, and I had to step in and help them mix it up. Once the marshmallows and peanut butter were mixed together well we added the powdered sugar. I kept adding the sugar until it was not really sticky and gooey anymore and a nice dough was formed.

Now, up to this point I hadn’t told the kids what we were doing exactly. Here are their sweet little faces when I told them we had made peanut butter play dough, and that they could eat it when they were finished playing with it…


Just awesome! Even though Owen’s blurry, I love their reactions here!

They all had a lot of fun with this!





And it was definitely very delicious! It’s hard for something with that much sugar to not be a little tasty! 😉

After we played and snacked a little, the kids ran off and started pretending they were going to the moon in a rocket ship (aka the bottom bunk bed in the boys’ room), and then they went fruit picking in the dining room with some fake lemons and limes. No one asked another time to watch a movie or play on the computer. I guess all it took today was a little guided creativity time and their little minds picked up and just wanted to play. It was really great, for them and for me.


So, the next time you are looking for something to do with your kids, give making peanut butter play dough a try!


Do you have any easy, fun, and creative activities that have been a hit with your kids? I would love to hear!

One thought on “A Fun (and Delicious!) Activity for the Kids!

  1. Giving my boys dry beans and pots keeps them occupied for a while. And we only do it every few weeks which helps to keep it special.

    Peanut butter playdoh sounds like fun!

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