Etsy Shop Spotlight {To Such As These Designs}

In case you didn’t know, I have an Etsy shop. In case you don’t know what Etsy is, it’s a website where people sell handmade and vintage items. It’s fantastic! I cannot say how much I have enjoyed being a seller on Etsy and how exciting it has been to have my little shop! (Hover over the “creating” link above for a link to my Etsy shop and check it out!) One aspect of Etsy that I love, and didn’t really expect or know about, is the sense of community that you can find there. There are tons of people who are similar to me selling their amazing goods and products. I have been able to encourage and be encouraged by many shop owners in my year of being a part of Etsy. You can read the story of many shops and how they came to be in their “About Page.” It’s just a really great site to shop, and I highly encourage you to shop handmade on Etsy! **Side note, my friend Dana from Happy Little Lovelies (another awesome Etsy shop!) posted a fantastic blog post today about why shopping handmade is great, and how you can make it more affordable! Check out the article here.**   I-heart-etsy-300x127     In an effort to shine a light on how awesome Etsy is, and to show you some amazing handmade items, I am going to start sharing some of my favorite shops and items with you all here! Whenever I stumble across something amazing, or find a great new shop I’ll let you know about it! And I have a perfect shop to share with you today!


To Such As These Designs 

scripture magnet
Proverbs 31:25 magnet, which I love so much!

I have corresponded with the sweet lady behind this shop before, and I love EVERYTHING that she has for sale! Her items are full of scripture and displayed in the beautiful chalk board art style. She has prints, these magnets, and other items for purchase!

Set of 8 notecards.
Set of 8 notecards.

One thing that I love about this shop is why it was started.   Orphans   Adoption is a beautiful thing, but it’s also an expensive thing. To help raise the funds that adopting their child from Ethiopia cost, this Etsy shop was born! Buying items from this shop goes directly to helping them with the cost of their adoption. I just love that! That’s one of the great things about buying handmade items.Your money goes to support the person directly. Maybe it’s dance classes that your money helps pay for. Maybe it’s someone’s power bill or a tank of gas. Or, maybe it’s to fund their adoption. I just love knowing that when I buy from a handmade seller, I know exactly who my money is going to!   Bless the Lord   So go check out “To Such as These” on Etsy and see all the great things she has to offer there! And, if any of you receive a card from me in the future with a print like this, you’ll know where I got it from!   ~Heather   **Do you love shopping handmade items? Have any great Etsy shops you’re a fan of? I would love to know! 

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