Note to Self {The catch up edition…}

I think I need to change the tag line of my blog to “the sporadic ramblings of an imperfect wife/momma/woman!” (That might actually happen in the future. It’s certainly true!) 🙂

The month of May was, well, a blur! I really can’t believe we are already through a week in June! The past few weeks have been crazy/fun/busy and rewarding. We have been working really hard and pushing to finish up our first homeschooling year, and… TODAY IS KARIS’ LAST DAY OF KINDERGARTEN! I can hardly believe it! I am so proud of my girl and thankful for all she has accomplished this year! I’m just blown away that we are wrapping things up. (Fighting the urge to fall into a meltdown at how fast she is growing up. Trying hard…)

In midst of this amazing accomplishment we’ve also had some of our normal craziness and lots of fun. Here are my “notes to self” from the past few weeks.



Note to Self


– Taking 3 kids to a sick appointment when 2 of them are sick is really hard.

-When one of your kids at said sick appointment has to get FOUR unexpected shots, it makes the whole ordeal IMPOSSIBLE! (After a recurring ear infection, a hefty dose of antibiotics in the form of shots was required.  All 3 kids were hysterical! I only have 2 arms. How in the world are you supposed to comfort them all at the same time?!?)

-Ice cream at the doctor’s office helps immensely! (Thank you sweet nurse for having pity on my poor kids and sharing your personal ice cream with them!)

Karis at the drThe poor recipient of the shots, enjoying a treat on the exam table.
20140605-234334.jpgI imagine the conversation between these 2 going, “dude, if we can get ice cream at the dr, I’ll sign Karis up to get shots every time!” 🙂

-Be prepared for an exponential increase in the amount of baths that kids are going to have to take in the summer. A dusty dirty play ground area equals super dirty kids!

20140605-235836.jpgFilthy childrens!

-Uhh, strawberry picking! Where have you been all my life? Definitely do this again next year! (Going with friends is super fun too!)

20140606-002045.jpgKaris and her best buddy Chloe in the rows of strawberries!
20140606-001947.jpgThis kid was ridiculously  dirty at the end of our day! He would grab a strawberry and squish it all over himself. Think of a strawberry bath, or a strawberry massage. Either way, he was gross, and it was awesome how much fun he had!
20140606-002140.jpgMy Owen!

When thinking of what to dress your kids in for the day, matching outfits is always a good answer! (I may never get over how cute the boys are when they are dressed alike! Gosh, can they be any more adorable!)

– I’ve said this before…sweet times with dear friends is so refreshing and so needed.

 20140606-004242.jpgSo thankful for this girl! (You should get to know her too! Go check out her blog here!)

-Visits from dear friends are so great, but getting all our kids together can be chaotic, crazy, messy, and SO fun!!

 20140606-005629.jpg6 kids, 2 mommas, and a waterfall/swimming hole. It was crazy fun!
20140606-010045.jpgWe got to host our good friends for Easter weekend, and these 5 had a great time all together! It was another crazy fun time!

-When crafting, make sure to pay attention when dealing with hot glue. If you are blowing to cool something that you just applied hot glue to and are doing something else at the same time, you may get a little too close and burn your lips on hot glue.

-Burning your lips on hot glue hurts. It also hurts if you drop a blob of hot glue on your knuckle. (Just be careful with hot glue. Lesson learned!)

-Kids love iPhones. My kids love to grab my iPhone and take crazy amounts of  crazy pictures. Especially the youngest. Watch out for him or he will single handedly use up all the memory that is left on the phone!

20140606-011248.jpgThere are at least 50 pictures of part of his head, legs, arms, etc. He’s crazy I tell you!

-Get the youngest swim lessons asap!

20140606-011829.jpgThis boy needs to learn how to swim! He wants to know how to swim! He tries to swim even though he doesn’t know how!

-Reuniting with family at a fun event like a wedding is amazing, and so much fun! (Looking forward to more reunions with you guys!)

Cousins!Hopefully just a preview of future cousin fun to be had!

-10 years of knowing Blake Hollander has been pretty awesome.

 20140606-012656.jpgMe and Blake, Santa Cruz, CA, 2004. We were so young here!

-Having been married to him since June 4, 2005 (9 years, woo hoo!) is one of the greatest privileges and joys of my whole life. (SO thankful for my husband!)

-This little girl is growing up way too fast. Take time to enjoy her being a little girl. Before you know it she’s going to be graduating from high school and you will remember this day that she finished her first year of school. Enjoy. Don’t take for granted. Don’t rush. Let her be her spunky little full of life self! She is amazing!



-A last day of school for the year filled with free donuts, a field trip to the zoo, crafts at the zoo, and special treats and gifts at the zoo is an awesome way to make the last day incredibly memorable! 

20140606-151451.jpgKaris kept saying, “This is the best day ever!” I have to say, I agree! It was a great day!

-Be thankful for what you have. Every single thing is a gift from God!


Happy Friday friends! Hope it’s a great one! Take time today to soak in and be thankful for all that you have!




**What “notes” have you left yourself over the past weeks? 

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