Note to Self {A Saturday edition!}

Happy Saturday to you! I normally post this on Fridays, but this week has been crazy with a capital C! I feel it was fitting to not have it ready to go until Saturday, you know, to honor the craziness!

Last week was our first week of summer break, but I would’t say there was any sort of “break” to it! We were on the go doing all sorts of fun things all week! Park play days, library for an event. $1 summer kids movie day, $0.49 McDonald’s hamburger day (Don’t judge. The kids and I can eat and play at the play ground for about $5. That’s unheard of, and awesome!), vacation Bible school, and ymca play days. And, just about every single night this week the kids didn’t go to bed about 10 pm. I think we were just welcoming summer with an all out bang! (Hopefully we are going to slow down a little bit in the coming weeks, but next week looks to be super busy too. Sighh…)

A crazy busy week will often lend itself to producing some crazy moments, so here are my notes to self from last week…


Note to Self


-Valuable things can become useless pieces of electronics at the hand of a 2 1/2 year old and mud puddles. (You know, like an iPhone.)

-Going without a smart phone, or phone at all for that matter, can be done. It may be a bit stressful, but you will survive. (How did we live without them? I really cannot remember!)

-Going without a phone at all is somewhat freeing, so instituting no phone times could be a great idea!

-If you think your iPhone is completely destroyed and WILL NEVER EVER WORK AGAIN (cue desperate/dramatic voice, which I may or may not have had this week with the whole phone debacle), it may actually just need a few days to dry out! It may actually come back to life! You may actually be able to connect to the outside word via a phone again!! (HALLELUJAH!)

-If your kids go to see the Critter Keeper (a man who keeps critters like snakes, spiders, and other bugs), don’t be surprised if your kids start acting like him and find a new love for all things critter! (Karis wants to have snakes, lizards, and tree frogs now. Umm, no way little girl! Not in this house!)

-Dancing to the music at the end of a movie, at the front of the movie theater, is a must! (It is one of our favorite things to do on movie days! If you ever go to a movie with us just expect this to be part of our time!)

-If a friend’s little boy gets locked inside the car with the keys inside, getting to stay to wait for and watch the police in action is a pretty cool thing for kids. It is a completely different kind of experience for the mom whose kid is inside the car. (Thankfully the little guy was out of the car in about 10 or so minutes! No busted windows necessary!)

-Vacation Bible school songs will be learned and sang close to a thousand times in a span of a few days. (“You just roll, roll, roll that stone away!” A favorite from the week!)

-Remind yourself that your kids are singing about Jesus when the songs start getting a little annoying old. 🙂

-Park play days the day after a big rain storm equals lots of mud, puddles, and wetness all around.

-Be prepared for the HUGE messes that will inevitably be a part of your day at said park play days.

20140614-161912.jpgPretty sure he just sat right down in a huge puddle. That was after he had been stomping in it all morning!

-When your kids are a huge mess, strip them down and let them ride home in nothing but a diaper! But don’t be surprised if they fall asleep on the ride home!


-20 minutes is a perfectly acceptable nap for the day in the mind of a 2 year old. They probably WILL NOT lay down again for a proper nap while their brother and sister naps. No matter how hard you try, or how long you lay with them, or how long you tickle their arm/back/head they probably won’t nap again.

-Enjoy a little uncommon mommy/toddler time when he won’t nap. It’s much better than doing whatever you had planned for that nap time anyway!

20140614-161932.jpgMy sweet, sweet little rascal!

-Watch out for those dimples! He may use them against you at any moment, and you are helpless in their sight! 🙂

-Telling your kid that the tylenol tablet they are eating is candy may come back to haunt you when you later find your kid with the tylenol bottle and all its contents eaten! (Luckily there weren’t many left in the bottle, and one poison control center call later I found out that even if a full bottle had been eaten it still wouldn’t be enough to really hurt them!)

-Get a lock box for all medicines! (I think my kids have some ninja qualities. They are quiet, and stealthy, and get into things that they shouldn’t!!)

-A quadruple date night with some of the best friends ever without the kids hardly ever happens, but when it does, it is GLORIOUS!

20140614-162023.jpgSuch a fun night! Yay for friends! (The husbands were there too, just not in the picture!)

-Saturdays are best spent with family! Anything can be fun if you are together! (Going to Lowe’s, cutting grass, and just hanging out together was a perfect end to this crazy busy week!)


Enjoy the rest of your weekend friends!




**What “notes” did you leave yourself this week?


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