Note to Self {The Last Full Week of June Edition}

At the end of every month I am often amazed that it is already the end of the month. It just seems crazy to me that the days go by so quickly! It’s a constant reminder that life is fleeting! The days fly by, and one day the craziness of life with little ones will be but a memory. I want to enjoy these days, no matter how crazy they may get!

So here we are, just about to say goodbye to June. And I had a realization yesterday. A bit of a scary realization. We are 2 months from the beginning of our new CC year! (CC is the homeschool curriculum/co-op that we use. It stands for Classical Conversations. Check out more about it here! We love it!) I am going to be directing our CC community’s foundations program, which is basically the elementary ages, so there is a good bit of  preparation that needs to occur within these next 2 months. I’m a little anxious about everything, but I trust it will be alright! I like putting myself in positions that are out of my comfort zone and seemingly not something I myself can accomplish alone. That way, when all is said and done, I will be able to look at what has been accomplished and know, without a doubt, that if not for the grace of God nothing would have gotten done. I’m able to point back to and give all glory to The Lord! (The whole director thing is a separate post in and of itself! Maybe that will be shared on here soon!)

For today though, I would love to share another little glimpse into this life of mine. I love doing these “note to self” posts as it’s a chance for me to give you a real look into this crazy life of mine! I feel like authenticity in social media is being discussed more and more lately, and I love that! This is my weekly chance to be authentic with you! So here you go, a few more “notes to self” for your reading enjoyment!


Note to Self

-The scent of summer has to be a mix of the smells of sunscreen, sweat, and bug spray. (That’s at least what it smells like around here all the time!)

-If planning a trip to a really super fun place that your kids are going to freak out to go to (for instance, a water park), it may be a good idea to plan on making it a surprise! That way if something happens, like one of your kids falls into your brick fire place 5 or so minutes before you are planning to leave and needs to go to the emergency room for stitches, no one is super upset and whiney about not going because they never knew they were going in the first place!

20140628-183701.jpgWaiting to get his boo boo checked out.

-Medical super glue is awesome! (No need for stitches, thank you Jesus!)

-Some little boys are just prone to accidents. (The aforementioned ER visit for a busted head, plus a face that broke a fall down the porch steps, another busted head incident, and countless other boo-boos due to his craziness certainly qualifies my youngest as being accident prone! Oh, and all of these happened within a week!!)

20140628-184335.jpgSweet little thing! All busted up and still smiling!

-If you have an accident prone little boy, you will probably start noticing grey hairs ALOT sooner in life than you expected! (Seriously, I’m in my early 30s and I’m already noticing them! I blame them all on my youngest kid!)

-Traveling and being in a town hours away from your home for less than 24 hours is perfectly acceptable if you get to spend time with your college roommates, and get to be kid free! (At least I was kid free! It was worth every minute of the traveling! Love you girls!)

20140628-183800.jpgBest friends, for over 10 years (and counting!)

-Never underestimate the resolve of an almost 6 year old to do what they say they will do when they put their mind to doing it! (After a while of thinking about it, and one “dude, I’m over it,” my girl jumped off the roof of the dock at my sister’s house into the lake! Amazing!)


-It is possible to be completely proud, shocked, and slightly scared all at the same time. (See the above pictures! I mean, she jumped from a roof!)


-Never underestimate what a 2 year old can and will do after he watches his big sister do crazy things! (Nathan jumped in the water, without me!)


DSC_3325I was shocked and amazed at my little guy!

-Water makes everything better in the summer! (A pool, a lake, the ocean, a sprinkler, slip-n-slide, water table, a cooler with some water in it! All of the above are included in recipes for an awesome summer!)

-Potty training is no fun. It’s ok to give up on it after a few hours of trying and plan to revisit it later. (I think it’s best for my sanity and for my 2 1/2 year old to wait a little while longer.)


-Never underestimate the creativity of a 4 year old when denied electronic devices.

20140628-184126.jpgA block of wood to my big boy became an iPod with Temple Run and Netflix on it!

-Redoing and reworking rooms is a fun thing! (Just switching furniture around and organizing things a bit has made a HUGE difference in the kiddos rooms!)

-Staying out too late with toddlers is most often a bad idea, unless you don’t mind uncontrollable and irrational fits of crying.

20140628-184236.jpg“I need a go a bed!!” Yep, you do!

-For a reminder that you are not the only one experiencing the craziness that comes along with having a toddler, check out the “reasons my toddler is crying” hashtag on a regular basis. (So good to know that my little one is not the only one who breaks down over the craziest things sometimes! I get you mom of that child crying over the fact that he can’t have your bowl of cereal too. I get you.)

-Never underestimate the amount of love that you have for the little people (and big people!) in your life. They are a gift!

20140628-184802.jpgVery thankful for this crew!

Happy weekend friends!




**What “notes” did you leave yourself this week? 



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