Fun 4th of July Activity!

We did a super fun activity today to celebrate the upcoming 4th of July, and I thought it was worthy of passing along! Now, I cannot take credit for this idea. Jenae over at “I Can Teach My Child” shared a similar project, and I just tweeked it a little bit for some added mess fun!

I give you our 4th of July Glitter Fireworks!


Yes. I said glitter. It’s kind of like a cuss word in the crafting world, and we went there today. But, we went there outside! 🙂

I think that’s the key for this project (or any project with glitter!), unless you don’t mind finding the sparkly stuff all over your belongings for the next year or so (or forever!). I’m thankful that it wasn’t a very time consuming project, so we didn’t have to be out in the heat for very long at all.

So here is what you need:

card stock (We used black. I thought that would give it more of the night time fireworks look.)
liquid glue
plastic straws
different colors of glitter

And here is what you do:

We used black card stock paper that I already had on hand. I like using the card stock since it’s a little tougher and holds up to the excessive amounts of glue that my kids used!

Once we had all our supplies together we began by making the firework shapes on the paper.

20140701-145232.jpgOwen using good ol’Elmers liquid glue to make his firework shape.

The next step was something that I definitely wanted to incorporate in this activity. We used straws to spread the glue out a bit!




Painting with straws was something that I thought would be a lot of fun for my kids, and it certainly was! I wasn’t sure how it would work with glue as opposed to paint, but it worked perfectly! By blowing the glue out a little bit there was more surface area for the glitter to stick on. It was a fun added part of our craft time!

Then came the glitter!



They had a blast with all the glitter! This is not something that we usually play with and use in our crafting, so it was a treat for them! I liked the idea of using glue and sprinkling the glitter on it instead of just using glitter glue. The extra step of sprinkling glitter and getting to mix the colors was fun!  I was again so thankful that we were outside with all the glitter! My patio is going to be sparkly for a loooong time! 🙂

The finished product was so cute! I had some proud crafters on my hands!



This was a fun and easy craft to do with little ones. Even my 2 1/2 year old did a fairly good job! I did have to monitor the squirting of the glue to keep him from using the entire bottle on his paper! So there you have it! A fun idea to do with your kiddos for the 4th! Enjoy!



**Do you have any fun crafts or activities you like to do with your little ones to celebrate the 4th of July! 


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