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10 in 12 {July 4th}

**June 4th 2015 I will celebrate 10 years of marriage with my wonderful husband, and I’m excited to share our story here over the next 12 months (I love our story!). Each month I’ll share another post leading up to the big 10th anniversary! I’m calling it “10 in 12,” 10 years of marriage celebrated in the next 12 months! 🙂 **

10 years ago he was just another guy on my summer mission trip in California. I had no idea who he would become and how important he would be in my life.

June 8th (I think) I arrived in Santa Cruz, California to spend the summer serving the Lord alongside college students from all over the US. I remember meeting Blake in K-Mart. We were near the pillows (I needed a pillow!).  He went into the category with all the other non-girls there on the mission trip. I was not interested in meeting a boy. I was not interested in being in a relationship. And, I was definitely not planning on meeting my future husband! I was there to minister to the community, to grow in my walk with the Lord, and be stretched in my faith. I was excited for all that was to come!

As the summer got going, everyone settled into their summer jobs, ministry positions, and churches. All of us there for the summer worked on the Santa Cruz boardwalk. I worked at a fast food restaurant and Blake worked at a surf shop. We both served on the music team and we went to the same church. Being on the music team together gave us a good opportunity to talk. We talked about all kinds of things, but what stood out to me was our theological discussions. Those were great! He challenged me but made me feel comfortable to talk to him.

After the first couple of weeks I started noticing things about Blake. He was most often the first to volunteer to help with anything. He was always the last one out of the kitchen helping with clean up. He was a servant. He was kind. And, he didn’t hug any of the girls, which was a little thing but stood out to me. He was a hand hugger though! (He would shake a girl’s hand with both of his hands, as if his hands were hugging the other hand. Get it? Ok.) 🙂  I was so impressed with his character and just who he was.

And, I started noticing more and more how handsome he was.

All of these things I noticed made me very nervous. I didn’t want to like a boy. That was not what I was there for! I prayed and prayed that God would help me to focus on the ministry that was before me and that I wouldn’t be distracted by a beautiful boy whose character out-shined his good looks.

The first month of knowing Blake was a whirlwind. He went from being just another boy, to a boy who I noticed had the characteristics that I hoped would be in the man I married one day. And like I said, it all made me very nervous.

 20140801-004750-2870807.jpgMy love on July 4th, 2004, and this year, July 4th, 2014. I didn’t know I would love him so much back then!


Read the next chapter of our story soon!



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