31 Days of Looking Up to be a Blessing

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Want to join me in an adventure to put mindless Facebook/Internet scrolling aside for more
purposeful and intentional days? Let’s look up from our computers and phones and seek to be a blessing!

Day 1: (Scroll down to see the first days intro post!)

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Blogging is something that I really enjoy. I love sharing what’s going on, what I’m learning, and what I’m making with everyone! But, just in case you haven’t noticed, I’m not very consistent with it. Granted, I have 3 sweet little young ones that take up a lot of my time and energy, so I do have a good excuse for not getting to it as often as I would like.

But, there’s another excuse I have for not blogging as much and for not being as intentional with my time, and it’s not a good excuse. It’s a little thing called Facebook. Have you heard of it? 😉

There are few things that suck more moments, minutes, and hours of my time away than Facebook. I’ll get on there and scan for a moment, then, BAM! 2 hours of my life have passed and are gone forever, spent on endless scrolling and scanning on Facebook! It’s crazy! And, it’s just sad. Our days and moments are precious and go by so quickly, so to sacrifice a huge amount of time to the lure of the social media giant may not be the best way to use it.

I believe there is more, much more, that we can fill our moments and minutes and hours with that will last and make an impact in eternity.

So, I’m challenging myself (and you if you want to join along!) to a “No Scroll October” from the hours of 9 am to 9 pm each day. The time is purposeful as 9 am is when we try to get our homeschool day going and my kids are usually in the bed sleeping by 9 pm each night. It’s easy for me to pick up my phone in a down moment during the day, start scrolling on Facebook, and then have one of my kiddos need me for something. My response in that moment is either one of frustration (“Ugh…can’t you see I’m trying to watch this funny video that someone posted!), or indifference to their need (“Hmm…I’ll be there in a minute honey. Mommy is reading an article about how to be a good mommy that someone posted.”) Either way, I don’t want my kids, family, friends, etc to feel they are less than my need to be up to date with what’s trending on Facebook. I want the most important things in my life to actually be the most important things in my life.


I still feel there is a place for Facebook in my life. I have lived in several different places over the years and have made many friendships that I am able to keep up with via Facebook. I am thankful to read some amazing and encouraging articles that friends post too. There are some redeeming qualities to it, so I’m not cutting it out all together. I just don’t want it to rule my time. Rather, I want to be purposeful in how and when I use it.

My biggest waste of time on Facebook is the endless scrolling down the news feed! Whether I’m on my phone or on the computer, it’s so easy for me to scroll and see what everyone is doing and what’s going on, and thus miss opportunities and waste my time that could be used more intentionally. (Something that is quite ironic about this is that I HATED the news feed when it was first introduced! Now, you would think I couldn’t live without it!) I will still post things and will read posts that come into my notifications, but I will not mindlessly waste time by sitting and scrolling down the news feed just to see what’s going on.

There is another aspect to this challenge (another one that I would love for you to join me in!). It’s easy to use our time on meaningless things, but it takes a little more effort to use our time in a way that will be meaningful and will bless others.

My ultimate goal for the month of October is to look up from mindless internet scrolling in the hopes to be a blessing. 

I’m joining in with The Nester on a 31 day blogging challenge and will post everyday for the month of October how the challenge is going and how I am seeking to be a blessing to others in my life. Some days you may just see some pictures or a quote, but everything is going to point to being intentional with time so as to be a blessing.

I’m excited and a little nervous about this endeavor, but I’m also really hopeful that it will be beneficial in many different ways in my life!

I hope you’ll join me! I would love (and need!) your encouragement! Here’s to be a blessing, this month and every day,


“Teach us to count the days. Teach us to make the days count. Lead us in better ways, that somehow our souls forgot. Life means so much.”  ~Chris Rice 

6 thoughts on “31 Days of Looking Up to be a Blessing

  1. I like that you are giving up something mindless to replace it with something awesome. Yes, I am guilty of mindless fb scrolling too. I also want to be a more conscious and purposeful blessing to others. I will be back to see how and what you are doing.

    1. Thanks so much for your encouragement and for reading along! It’s so easy to fall into the mindless scanning when I have a down moment, and it really takes an active mind to fight doing that! I hope my experience will encourage others!

  2. I’m in between jobs and have noticed how much I am on Facebook lately. I could use a break. I’m looking forward to following along during the 31 days.

    1. I’m so glad to have you reading along! I have found several things that have been helpful in roping in my time on Facebook while still allowing me to use it. I’ll be sharing about those soon!

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