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Looking Up to be a Blessing {Day 5}

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You want to know something that I just love about my kids, and really, kids in general? How fun and easy it is to make them smile! To bless most kiddos it takes nothing more than a smile and playing with them. Give them a little attention and my kids will love you!

Knowing this about my kiddos, today’s blessing of them was super easy and super fun!

Usually on the way to and from places I would pick up my phone and do a little scanning of Facebook (only when my husband is driving!). But tonight, I had some fun with my kids! They love to laugh, and they love silliness! Blessing my kiddos tonight looked like joining in with them during their silly time and being silly myself!

Our jokes revolved around Charlie Brown, but we renamed him several different things…

Charlie Yellow
Charlie Pink (that was my offering, and really got a laugh!)
Charlie Ingles (because we were driving past the grocery store)
Charlie Black

They giggled and laughed so much! And, so did I! They are super fun, silly, wonderful kids! And I love them so!


I could have missed this fun moment tonight with them had I fallen to the lure of Facebook, but I am thankful for God’s grace that is helping me to look up and spend time on things that are more important.

I know we are going to have plenty of silly and fun moments on our trip this week, and I’m looking forward to partaking in a little silliness with them. I know that it will bless them, and be a blessing to me as well.

So mommas, be silly with those kiddos of yours! Daddies, joke with them! Friends, make up a silly song and tickle them! Hearing those little voices as they laugh and laugh, and then laughing and laughing yourself is wonderful! It’s a blessing!


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