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Looking Up to be a Blessing {Day 6}

**Read the beginning of the series and find all of the other posts here!**

I’m coming to you from I-85 in Alabama friends! Our road trip is underway and going smoothly so far. (Thank you so much for your prayers!)

Trying to write a post from my phone is a little tricky, so I’ll just give you a few pics of my sweet ones!

I got them all new coloring/activity books as well as their very own notebooks to draw and color in! All from the Dollar Store! I love to bless my kids with new things, and I would spend every penny I had on them! Though, I don’t think that’s the best thing to do.

But, from time to time I think it’s so fun to surprise them! Look at these sweet faces…




It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate! I mean, look how excited they were at their brand new Dollar Store items! Blessing my little ones with a gift was so fun today, and it kept them occupied and happy in the car for a while (woohoo!).

I’m thankful for their sweet and grateful spirits. I’m thankful for their sweet smiles. I’m just thankful!


**I’ve done well not scrolling on Facebook on the trip too! Thanks for your prayers and encouragement!**


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