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Looking Up to be a Blessing {Day 8}

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Friends, I am finding that keeping up with the 31 day blogging challenge while traveling is, well, a challenge! But, I’m going to chug along and keep posting what I can!

Our days have been filled with so much fun, visiting with family, and eating lots of wonderful food! Today was no different, and it was wonderful! We have a few more days down in the Big Easy with more fun filled days (so, that probably means a few more last minute and shorter posts)

Today’s opportunity to bless my children came in the form of doing something with them that they really wanted to do…


Now, I completely enjoyed it too, which made this blessing a very sweet and fun thing for us all! 🙂

And, swimming in October?!? Hello awesomeness! Getting to go swimming has seriously been the thing that my kiddos have looked forward to most! So getting to go today was their dream come true! Not messing with my phone but instead being out in the water with them for several hours was time well spent!


My girl enjoying the water!
My girl enjoying the water!
My big boy having some fun!
My wild man running around!
My wild man running around!

We all got a ton of sunshine as well as memories to last us a lifetime! I’m so thankful for this time to spend with my kids and family, and pray that they feel as blessed as I do!


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