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32 Memories and Thankfulness from 32 years, part 1…{Day 13}

Tomorrow I’ll be 32. 32! It just seems crazy to me! I’m thankful for the years that I have had, but wow, 32 of them?!? And this year I actually feel older. My knees are hurting more and more, I’m way more tired than I used to be, and I can also tell that my metabolism is not what it used to be! It’s all part of getting older and I won’t sit and sulk about it.

The best way to fight feeling down is to think of all the ways that you are richly blessed and give thanks.

I remember camping with a group of friends in Texas as we attended a conference and being caught in a TORRENTIAL rain storm! (One Day ’03. Anyone else remember that?) As our tent flooded and all our blankets were wet, we were forced to try to sleep in the van we rode down in. We were soaking wet and cold, trying to cover up with towels as blankets, and wow were we miserable! As we were complaining in our minds we decided to speak out loud things we were thankful for. We spoke all kinds of things, from the grand to the small. From salvation and friendships, to having 2 legs that work and 10 fingers that were in tact. We each took turns and spoke something, and it turned into one of the sweetest times in my memories.

So, though I may feel a little down about getting older, not being able to do what I used to do or wear what I used to wear, I am going to proclaim and bring to mind things that I am so very thankful for, from the grand to the small. Memories and fun times, experiences and lessons, and just simple things from the past 32 years that I am thankful for…

32 Memories and Thankfulness from 32 years

1. I’m thankful that I learned to read.

2. That I had teachers who were kind to me and helped me learn.

3. That I got to go sledding down my Grand-parents HUGE hill at their farm before they sold it, and the tons of other memories there! (Climbing in the barn, playing by the willow tree…)

4. That my parents took me to church where I learned foundational truths of the Gospel at a young age.

5. That I can swim. (Since we just went swimming last week this is fresh on my mind. It is such a fun and amazing thing to be able to swim!)

6. That my mom and dad made big deals out of our birthdays, and all the fun memories I have of birthday parties growing up!

7. That I had a trampoline as a kid! I’ll have to tell you later about the MOST AMAZING GAME EVER that my sister and I made up and played all the time! Striker! 🙂

8. For getting to play a lot and have fun with the kids in my neighborhood. Night time hide and seek, anyone?? Awesome stuff!

9. That I learned how to type on a computer. (Seriously, I think about this a lot as I type away on this blog!)

10. That I can drive a car. (I was one of the last ones in my graduating class to get my license. There were 3 who came later than I did, and 2 of them had birthdays the same week as mine! I promised myself I would never ever take driving for granted, and there are still times that I crank up a car and can’t believe that I actually get to drive! I love it!)

11. For service opportunities with my church growing up. Finding out that there was joy in serving others, even when it meant that I had to do some tough stuff (like clean windows, do yard work, or even help put a roof on a house!), was such a great thing to learn. I’m so thankful for those experiences!

12. For fun memories being a cheerleader in high school. Football friday nights will always have a special place in my heart!

13. That I didn’t end up with any of the boys I prayed and prayed I would end with in school. Wow, God’s plans are so much better than our own!

14. That I have step families that love me (and my family) like one of their own.

15. For parents that showed me and helped me learn forgiveness in midst of difficult circumstances.

16. For 2 years of rebellion and horrible choices that give me a clear understanding of the depths of God’s grace toward unworthy sinners. His grace was with me before, during, and after this season of my life. Though I regret a lot, God used that time to demonstrate His love for sinners and that no one is too far gone or too far away to be brought to repentance. For this I am and will forever be grateful.
Resting tonight in the face that “every good and perfect gift is from above,” and that includes getting older! I’m thankful!

Signing off for the last time as a 31 year old,



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