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32 Memories and Thankfulness from 32 Years, part 2…{Day 14}

Today is the day! 32 years of life lived on this Earth are being celebrated today! I’m thankful, grateful, and so blessed to be living this life and for all the life I have lived thus far. In keeping with my goal of no mindless Facebook and Internet scrolling this month, I have filled my time yesterday and today thinking through things that I am so thankful for through my 32 years of life. (Find the first half here.)

I’m so thankful, and here are some of the things I am most thankful for from the 2nd half of my life…

32 Memories and Thankfulness from 32 Years

17. I’m thankful for college friends who were faithful to live out the Gospel in front of me and invite me to things, when I was NOT living for the Lord. (Looking at you Summer Nunn!)

18. For Campus Crusade and the student leaders who were faithful to point me to Christ through Bible study and their testimonies. (Amber Norkett and Jimmy Trent, you guys will forever have a place in my story. Thankful for you!)

19. That before I was walking with the Lord my mom called a local church’s college ministry and had someone call me and meet me for church. (Though I was not very happy with her at the time, I will forever be thankful for this! Thank you Becky Kiser for calling me! I ended up being involved with that church throughout my college days and even served in the college ministry for a time. Thanks for caring for me enough to risk me getting mad at you momma!)

20. That God radically called me out of darkness and transferred me to the kingdom of His beloved Son.

21. For college friends who taught me what friendship that is mutually encouraging looks like. I would not be the person I am today without the people that God put in my life in college. I love Jesus more, I love others more, and am a better person because of your friendships. Thank you, thank you for loving me! I know that I don’t get to see most of you much at all anymore, but please, please know that I recall my days in Crusade and at Hickory Grove with such fondness and thankfulness. (Ok, now that I am crying I need to move on…)

22. For the night that some Jesus loving boys sat and shared reformed doctrine with me and my rooomates until the wee hours of the morning. The next day I remember driving around and being in awe of God unlike I had ever been before. To this day I still remember the way the sky looked as I drove around. I was changed, and everything was so different, and wonderful!

23. That I got to live with Amy Daniel Woods and Angela Elrod Tucker and still get to call them my best friends. You two are a sweet, sweet gift to me from the Lord. (820-E girls….ok, now I’m crying again…)

24. For getting to travel to other countries and seeing first hand how blessed I am with the life I have been given to live. It’s easy to take things for granted, so getting to experience being without some of the conveniences of American life was a blessing and helped me to be more thankful.

25. That after I had decided NOT to go to Santa Cruz, CA for summer project, I changed my mind and decided to go anyway.

26. That after Blake Hollander had decided NOT to go to Santa Cruz, CA for summer project, he changed his mind and decided to go anyway. (Our story, it’s seriously my favorite ever!)

27. That 6 months after dating, Blake Hollander proposed, and 6 months after he proposed we got married. 🙂

28. For our time at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. (I never, ever, in a thousand years never thought I would pursue a Masters degree! I’m so glad I did, and thankful for my husband who pushed me and encouraged me the whole time!)

29. For my friends made during our seminary days. I was a new wife, became a momma, and had to navigate having a husband who was trying to juggle classes, work, and family (that is not easy, let me tell you!). I learned what living in community and doing life together meant with these friends. Again, I love Jesus more, love others more, and am a better person because of these friendships! Being neighbors with Lisa, having Mara live with us, hanging out at Autumn’s, hosting countless small groups and all the millions of other memories! My sweet sister friends, here in SC and those further away, I love you and am SO thankful for you!

30. That for over 6 years I have had the sweetest title of “mommy” to my 3 amazing little ones. It’s amazing how something so small can change you so much. I am so thankful for them!

31. For my sweet family (immediate, extended, in-laws, and brothers and sisters in Christ), you have all played a huge part in making me the person that I am.

32. For grace that has sustained my faith, my marriage, my life, my everything. I am not worthy of this gift, but I am so thankful for it!

32 years of life full of memories and with clear evidence of God moving and working to draw me to Himself. What a life I have been given to live! What blessings I have been given! My life is a gift and I pray that today and everyday I will view it as just that.

Thank you Lord for another year of life!  🙂



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