A Tale of Monday

(I’m taking a break from the 31 Days writing Challenge to share about my day so far. It’s one of those days that I need to process. The kind of day I need to believe I will one day laugh at. Perhaps it will bring a little humor to you today. So, feel free to laugh at my expense. I’m trying to do that now!) 


Something that’s important to me with this blog and life in general is authenticity. You know, keepin’ it real. I love when I get to share about fun things I do with the kids, or how God’s blessing me as I strive to put Facebook down this month, or whatever happy awesome thing is going on! But, I also love getting to share when things aren’t so great.

I like keepin’ it real. And today, I get to keep it real.

Below is my day thus far. A day filled with craziness that comes from having a 6, 4, and 2 year old.


-Find out this morning that the library is having a Halloween themed day and that kids can dress up.

-Announce to kids that we are going and they are pumped! Dressing up = totally awesome!

-Kid 1 is ready and dressed as a princess. Kid 2 ready and dressed as Spider Man. Kid 2 complains that Spider Man mask is cracked and needs tape, but fixes it himself. Perfect!

-Kid 3 can’t find transformer outfit and commences a whining break down.

-Takes me about 5 seconds to locate said outfit. (I need to teach them to lift things up when looking for items.)

-Kids are dressed and ready to go.

-Grab change of clothes for each kid for errands to run after library time (as if they are going to want to take off their costume!).

-Library time = So great! Except for when kid 3 coughed on a random lady and got a nasty glare, when kid 3 spilled his apple juice, and when kid 3 whined to the story time lady about not winning the costume contest. (Kid 3 had a rough time at library time. But, he’s just getting started. Just wait.)

-After much debating, decide to let the kids play in the library on the computers and with the toys.

-Watch as kid 2 takes off Spider Man mask and places it behind the computer.

-Place a bookmark given out at story time behind the computer with the Spider Man Mask.

-Play a little with kids, then announce it’s time to go.

-Hold kid 3 tightly as he has a small fit about not getting to play on the computers.

-Make it to the car, with no more fits (praise the Lord!) and head off to Walmart, still in their dress up costumes.

-Pull into Walmart, kid 2 realizes he doesn’t have his Spider Man mask or bookmark.

-Drive back to the library and run in for the left behind items.

-Drive back to Walmart.

-Venture in to Walmart and go potty first.

-Ask the kids REPEATEDLY if they need to go. (You should try. You really should try. You need to try. Ok then…)

-Get groceries.

-Kid 3 wants to walk instead of ride. Ok then.

-Ask kid 1 and kid 3 to please NOT play with the beans from the busted bag on the shelf (which we did not bust, thankfully!).

-Give a bean to kid 2 to keep him from whining.

-Kid 1 takes it upon herself to be in charge of kid 3.

-Stop kid 1 from pulling kid 3 back to the cart by his feet.

-Try to keep calm. Almost done.

-Kid 3 gets back in the cart with kid 1. (It’s one of those big huge carts with room for lots of kids. It’s how we roll.)

-Kid 1 complains that kid 3 has a stinky.

-Ask kid 1 and kid 2 to please stop talking about said stinky and things like “we don’t like poop!” repeatedly and loud.

-Try to keep calm. Even closer to being done.

-Watch as kid 1 and kid 3 touch every piece of produce that they can get their hands on. (I’m pretty sure a piece of broccoli was eaten by kid 3 at this point. Can’t be certain, but he was chewing on something.)

-Firmly get the kids back in the cart!

-Kid 1 refuses to sit down next to kid 3 due to the growing stench coming from him.

-Hear kid 2 ask if we can go to the potty after we are done shopping.

-Go to pick up bananas, and notice a small puddle of water that kid 3 has spilled from his sippy cup.

-Make it to the check out and watch kid 3 spit and form a small puddle of water. Obviously this is what was done before.

-Give kid 3 discipline, right in the check out line, for spitting. (He received it well and didn’t cry. And, he didn’t spit anymore either!)

-Stand behind several people in line and hear kid 2 start freaking out about needing to go potty. Hear him use phrases like, “hurry up people” to make sure they know he is entering into his desperate phase of having to go pee.

-Ask kid 2 to be patient, and remind him that he should have tried to go potty earlier.

-Watch kid 2 squirm more and more and freak out more and more as we are getting checked out.

-Finally make it to the bathroom for kid 1 and 2 to potty, and for me to change kid 3.

-Notice that kid 3’s stinky is no longer contained exclusively in his pull-up.

-Take off Transformer outfit, ask kid 1 and 2 to not play in the bathroom when they are done, and grab a plastic bag from my cart of groceries to lay down so as to not get the “stinky” all over the place.

-Kid 1 and 2 are in the cart, kid 3 is clean after using all the wipes, and now commence cleaning the transformer outfit of the “stinky” on it.

-Realize that it’s going to be impossible to get the “stinky” off of the outfit.

-Take a moment to debate either putting kid 3 back in the transformer outfit with the “stinky” on it, or let him ride to the car in NOTHING but a pull up.

-Decide to face the shame, judgement, and ridicule that may come and place kid 3 in the cart with NOTHING but a pull up on.

-Notice that some stinky was missed from kid 3’s back. Also notice that the bathroom is out of paper towels. And remember that all the wipes were used.

-Use the napkins that were used to wipe up kid 3’s spit from the floor to now wipe his back and clean off the last of the “stinky.”

-Move faster than usual out of Walmart to endure as little shame, judgement, and ridicule as possible at my basically naked 2 year old.

-Tell kid 1 and 2 that no we cannot put money in the thing that makes the money spin because their brother is naked and we need to get to the car.

-Listen to kid 1 and 2 complain.

-Make it to the car.

-Stop and take a picture to remember the crazy day that my kid was pretty much naked for a time at Walmart.

-Remember that I packed extra clothes for the kids!

-Put kid 3 in clean outfit so he doesn’t have to ride home naked.

-Praise the Lord that we made it home.

-Get kids down for rest time.

-Enjoy a cup of soda and a chocolate bar for surviving this crazy day!

Kid 2, my Spider Man. Kid 1, my princess. And kid 3, my naked baby. What a day!

So, how has your Monday been? Hopefully a little less eventful than mine. But, if it’s been crazy too, know that you are not alone! There are days that run super smoothly, and then days that are more challenging than others. Both kinds of days are fleeting and will pass in the blink of an eye. I want to embrace the craziness just as I do the smooth because both are from God.

In the day of prosperity be joyful, and in the day of adversity consider:
God has made the one as well as the other…

Ecclesiastes 7:14

So, embrace the crazy friend! Even it is a gift. Now, I’m going for another chocolate bar…

Happy Monday y’all!


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