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10 in 12 {Dec 4th}

**Today, June 4th 2015 I celebrate 10 years of marriage with my wonderful husband, and I have loved sharing our story over the past year! (I love our story!). Each month I’ll share another post leading up to the big 10th anniversary! I’m calling it “10 in 12,” 10 years of marriage celebrated in the next 12 months! 🙂 **

(Go here to read the first part of our story!)

Today is the day! 10 years of marriage! Though I haven’t done this whole 10 in 12 posting as consistently as I had hoped, I have loved sharing my story and reliving all that occurred during the whirlwind year of meeting, dating, and marrying my wonderful husband!

Today, I hope to finish the story of how we became “us.” So, let me take you back to December of 2004…

I mentioned in my last post that December was the “when is he going to propose?” month. I played out millions of scenarios in my head of when and where he would ask me to be his wife. One moment in particular happened while I was out one evening with my college girlfriends. We were finished with exams and headed out to our favorite coffee shop to hang out and enjoy being done for the semester. I drove several of us over, we had fun hanging out, and after a while we were ready to head home. We went out to get in the car, but my car was gone! It was no where to be seen in the parking lot and I immediately thought, “THIS IS IT!! HE’S HERE!! HE GOT THE KEYS TO MY CAR AND IS ABOUT TO DRIVE UP AND PROPOSE!!” I was expectant, and hopeful, and so excited! But, then more time passed. I was a little less hopeful, and lot more discouraged. He never drove up in that light blue Honda Accord I called mine. I had to face facts. I was not in fact getting engaged that night, but I was going to be filling out a police report for a stolen car. That was significantly less fun than getting engaged would have been. But, thankfully I had just recently read A.W. Towzer’s chapter entitled “The Blessedness of Possessing Nothing” in his book “Knowing God” that gave me a good perspective on the whole ordeal.

So my first moment of being so sure I was about to get engaged was terribly wrong, and I would be wrong again later in the month.

Being involved with Campus Crusade for Christ during college meant that during just about every Christmas break I had during my time at UNC-Charlotte I spent a few days away at Christmas Conference. It was always right after Christmas and such a fun and encouraging time! This year was going to be even more special as I was going to get to visit and connect with lots of my Santa Cruz Summer Project friends! And, I thought it was going to be even more special since I really believed Blake was going to show up and propose during this event! It would be perfect! We would get to see all our buddies from Cali and make our engagement official with all of them. I just knew it was going to happen. Every time an elevator opened I thought, “is he there?” Every time I would round a corner I thought, “is he here now?” But, he never was. He didn’t come to the conference, and I was a little disappointed. There was even another couple from another school there that got engaged in front of the whole crowd. (Hate to say it, but I was a little bitter at their happiness in that moment. Oh me and my sinful self!)

None of the times that I had hoped he would propse had happened. I thought I had great plans in my mind, but little did I know that my amazing man was cooking up something that was far beyond what I could think or imagine. I feel like that’s a theme in my life. Countless times I have been so sure that I knew exactly how something should work out or the best ways for my life to happen. But God, in his infinite creativity and wonder, has gone above and beyond my feeble expectations to blow me away. Every time it’s as if He whispers to me, “Just wait and see. You think you know, but you have no idea the good I have for you if you will just wait to see.” (It brings tears to my eyes to recall all He has done and how much greater His plans have been for me.)

So Blake didn’t drive up my car to propose, so he didn’t surprise me at Christmas Conference, but beyond my knowledge he was in works with my whole family and best friends to propose in what can only be called the most amazing, surprising, romantic proposal of all time (not biased here at all). 😉


10 years ago. We were such babes! (In a “we were so young in this picture” kind of way. But that Blake, he is a babe! In a “he is so hot and I am the luckiest girl on the plant” kind of way!)



10 years later, and he’s still so beautiful to me. Inside and out. Way better than I deserve!

I’m going to leave the last little bit of our story hanging while I go and work on things around the house. I have learned one of the ways to my man’s heart and I’m going to go pursue blessing him while he is away at work. (Meaning, I’m going to fold and put away the rest of the laundry and get my house put together.) 🙂

My goal is to finish the rest of the story later today and post it tonight, but we shall see! Thanks for reading along. I can’t wait to share the final bits with you!

~Heather (the blissfully married for a decade today lady…)

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