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Living In the Sweetest Days

Being a parent brings all kinds of amazing moments and experiences. Their first words, first steps, learning to read, and so many other moments are incredible to watch unfold. With each milestone brings another amazing parenting reality, the passage of time. Just about nothing amazes me more than how quickly the days are going by, a feeling I know is not exclusive to me.

A week ago, my family began our 4th year of homeschooling. I officially have a 3rd grader, 1st grader, and a PreK fella. That fact is crazy to me. Wasn’t I just having my practice homeschool year with my then 4 year old daughter?!? And now she’s 8?!? These years are flying by…


Being that it is back to school season, I have seen pictures and posts shared of little ones starting kindergarten, and not so little ones heading off to college. These rites of passage are good and beautiful examples of God’s grace in our children’s lives, but there is a distinct bittersweetness and sting mingled in. In the past few weeks I have read different stories bringing me to tears dealing with growing kids and the passage of time. It seems like just yesterday that me and my husband were welcoming each of our kids into the world, and I’m sure it will seem like a blink from now that we will be saying goodbye to this season of them living at home.


This week after some Timehop perusing showing me my daughter when she was just a few weeks old (cue the tears!), I mentioned all these thoughts to my husband. He sat there so patiently as I talked and cried. In midst of our conversation we came to this thought:

Right now, this season with our kids, are really sweet days. We are living in a time that we are going to think back on and long for one day! 

We are in a sweet season with our 3 kiddos. They are in this place of still needing me, but not for everything. They can play well together, but they still love when I play with them. They are growing, but they are still little. Yes, this is a sweet time, but every season has it’s sweetness that grows in spite of the difficulties present. It’s so easy to wish away the tough times, but we don’t want to rush it so fast that we miss all that is lovely. When they are newborns, we endure the sleepless nights knowing the sweet baby smiles will come in the morning. When they are toddlers, we endure the times of discipline and training knowing that the fruit of it will be sweet. And as they grow, we endure the thought of them not always being at home with us knowing that they are with us right now, and right now is the sweetest day.


What my heart has landed on with all of this is my need to embrace right now and not miss the sweetness by constantly looking back or looking ahead. Of course we will do these things, but being as present as possible with my kids and family in our day in and day out moments is creating that sweet life that I want to look back and smile at one day. I want to be the mom that my kids need me to be right now, and that’s a very present mom who is helping them grow and learn to be independent. One day my job as their mom will be to help them leave, and that’s what will be good and right and best then. If that is the season you are in as a parent, I pray that God will give you an abundance of grace to do the job well. And I hope you will come alongside us younger mommas when it’s our turn to walk through that season.


Fully living in the moments with your family is cultivating those sweet days we will look back on, even if the moment doesn’t always seem so sweet. I’m sure even the challenging moments will be missed one day.

Live fully today with your kids, no matter how old they are. For these are the sweetest days. ❤ days-long

4 thoughts on “Living In the Sweetest Days

  1. Amen! Appreciating the now instead of wishing for the past or longing for the future is the best way to spend our time. Love it! Keep preaching to my little heart Heather!

  2. I was just telling this to my aunt today. I feel like I’m living the sweetest days with my kids. I want to freeze time and go on vacations with them and do memorable things. They are ages 13, 10, 8 and 6 and I know my time with them needs to be savored. God bless you!

  3. My children are 19 and 24. I loved the post because we need to embrace our children even as adults, with love. All the days can be sweet. It may not always feel that way, but please never wish them to flee fast. They will not return. Today is today’s gift.

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