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We plan, but the Lord directs

This post is part of my #write31days series about being an unlikely homeschooler. Be sure to follow along with the entire series by checking out the main page here

A nurse, a teacher, an overseas missionary, a full time college campus ministry leader, a public speaker.

Those were all dreams and plans that I had for myself. They were plans that I started walking towards in one way or another during my college years, but plans that never fully came to be my reality.

You’ll again notice that “homeschool mom” was not on that list of dreams for myself. I made my plans, and I was fine to tweak the plan here and there a bit if I needed to, but homeschooling I could have never planned for. No amount of tweaking could bring that into a comfort zone!

But out of my comfort zone was exactly where I needed to be and exactly where God met me. This homeschooling journey, when looked at in it’s individual parts, seems daunting and overwhelming. But stepping back and catching a vision for the beauty that lies on the path ahead helps push you along when the path gets a little tough.

I’ve learned not to put too much stock in the plans that I lay out for myself in my mind, but rather to look to and trust the path that the Lord brings for me to walk.

His paths have always proven to be infinitely better than my plans anyway.

(More on planning, shaking things up, and my homeschool story tomorrow.)


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