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To the Mom Who Thinks She’s Not Qualified to Teach Her Kids…

Remember that time I told you I started an elementary education program in college, but quickly switched gears yet again and did not pursue that degree? Yep, it’s crazy that I am now day in and day out teaching my 3 elementary kiddos!

You see, on paper, I’m not qualified to teach. I didn’t finish 4 years of school that prepared me for this journey. I didn’t further my education to get other certifications and a masters degree in it. I’m not a teacher by training or trade, yet here I am.

I do have a degree, and I did continue my schooling for a masters degree in Christian Studies at seminary, but really none of those ultimately prepared me to be an educator to my children.

So what makes me think I can do this job? What makes me think that YOU can do this job?

There will never be a piece of paper, a title, or degree that makes someone a great educator. You can have all of that and still miss the mark. It’s not what you take in yourself that makes you great, but what you pour out. What sets you apart and qualifies you to educate your kids is what you give to your students.

I know some amazing trained educators who pour their heart and soul into their students in a classroom setting. (Several come to my mind as I think through my public school days!) These teachers love their students and fight for them to succeed! This, to me, is what sets a teacher apart.

I’m writing this to the mom who doesn’t think she can homeschool because she doesn’t feel qualified. If this is you, do me a favor, ok?

Think about your kids. Really think about them, and answer these questions…

Who is going to love them more than you?

Who is going to believe in them more than you?

Who is going to fight for them to succeed more than you?

Who cares about the outcome of their life more than you?

No one. Even the greatest, hardest working, most dedicated teachers cannot love your child more than you can and do.*

The National Home Education Research Institute has found that, “Homeschool students score above average on achievement tests regardless of their parents’ level of formal education or their family’s household income.”

Do you know that this tells me? The love, time, and effort that parents pour into their kids is what makes ALL the difference!

You do not need higher education or a specialized degree to be a great homeschool parent.

If you love your kids, you are willing to invest your time and energy into them, and you have a willing spirit to help them succeed, then you are qualified!

End of story.

It starts with the heart, and if you can give that to your kids, you are way ahead already.


*We live in a broken, sin-soaked world, and I know that because of that not all kids live in a home where their moms and dads love them as they should be loved. It breaks my heart that this is the reality for some, but I am SO thankful that there are teachers and schools in this world that love, care for, fight for, and teach these sweet ones. There is such a need for those great, hard working, dedicated teachers who pour their hearts into their students. So thankful for the work they do!

2 thoughts on “To the Mom Who Thinks She’s Not Qualified to Teach Her Kids…

  1. This is so true. I’ve written on my blog some about advocating for our children, and I think this fits well into that as well. No one LOVES our kids or KNOWS our kids better that we do (except for God, who offers the perfect love). We are the best educators and advocates. And this is true no matter if our kids are schooled at home or in a private or public school — the parent is ultimately responsible for the child’s education.

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