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3 Things I’m Loving with My Kids (That You Can Do Too!)



It’s Thanksgiving week and I’m feeling thankful! This week I’ll be sharing posts highlighting some of the things I’m most thankful for, with a helpful spin!

Up for today, my kiddos!

I love being a mom, and within every season of motherhood there have been things that I have absolutely loved, as well as things that I very much so didn’t love. My kids are now 8, almost 7, and nearly 5, and there is so much in this season that I am loving with them! (Though things do still pop up every day sometimes that I do not love.) 😉

I’m so thankful for my kids, so thankful! And, I’m so thankful for the season that we are in. Here are 3 things that I have impletmented with my kids that I am loving! This isn’t a list of toys or activities, but rather practices and habits that have been so helpful and will hopefully produce great results in their lives. They take practice, but I know you could add them into your routine with your kids as well!

Things I’m Loving with My Kids

Letting Them Be Bored – Yep, you read that right! There have been several times in the past few weeks that my kids have wanted to do something that I said no to. (It usually involves electronics of some kind.) I shared some options and suggestions that were turned down, so instead of trying to think of something else or giving in to their cries for electronics, I said, “ok, you can be bored.” And you know what, it just about always ends up awesome! Today they created a magic show together, last week my daughter wrote a beautiful poem about Heaven, and most often they end up outside playing and exploring, two very wonderful things. There is SO much benefit in letting kids be bored! It fosters creativity, imagination, and helps with their development. Seriously, just google “benefits of letting kids be bored” and see all that’s there!

I think bored afternoons are a beautiful and beneficial thing! They will make plenty of appearances in my home.

Making Connections – We are a classical education homeschooling family (Classical Conversations specifically) and one thing that is emphasized is how all the subjects are related, and even deeper, are all related and find their meaning in God. Making connections between the different subjects happens a lot in the upper school years, but I love jumping in and helping my kids do that even now. We will read about history and pull out math, and art, and science too! I take every opportunity that I can to make connections like this with my kids. I’m probably a little too excited when I notice things…”Ooh! Wow! Look! Reading about Achilles and the Trojan War here, it mentions Orion! We just talked about constellations and Orion is a constellation! That’s astronomy! And who made the stars? Isn’t that cool?!?”

Though my kids are way less excited about these moments at this point, I know that helping them dig deeper and see how things relate and are connected in this world around them will help them tremendously as they learn and grow. It takes thinking intentionally as you read, but seeing and pointing out the connections becomes easier the more you do it. Give it a try!

Not Giving Them Answers Quickly – If you are a parent, though depending on the age of your kids, you have probably been asked how to spell something, or why something is the way it is, or what something does. Kids are curious little things and need help figuring out the world around them. But, I’ve made it a practice to NOT give them the answers they are looking for quickly and easily. If they are asking me a curious question or needing to know how to spell something, I make them work it out a bit with me.

Once when my middle guy was 5 we were watching a soccer game, and the announcers kept calling it football. Confused and curious, Owen asked me, “Mom, why do they call soccer football?” Instead of just brushing off his question or quickly telling him that in every other part of the world soccer is called football, I told him, “Well, let’s think about it. Why do you think they would call it football?” He thought for a bit and said, “because they use their foot to kick the ball?” Aha! He worked it out for himself with just a little bit of guidance from me. It was a great moment! We’ve had other moments like this where I help lead them and guide them to finding the answers themselves instead of just giving it to them. How much more confident and capable will they become if they aren’t just handed the answers? Teaching them how to figure things out for themselves and not just easily answering is definitely one of my favorite things in raising and educating my kiddos!



I love spending time with my kids, and I love seeing all the ways that they are growing and developing. These 3 practices and habits are a little unusual, but I believe extremely beneficial! My hope is they will come out of their early childhood with amazing memories from playing and exploring outside, reading and making connections between what they are learning, and with the tools needed to find out all they need to know. Life is not going to be easy as they grow, so my hope is to prepare them, even if it’s just a little tiny bit now, for the days ahead.

Let them play, let them question, and help them learn. They will be so much better off for it!


What things are you loving with your kids now?


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