A New Year, a New Space…

Friends, I have had this what-is-perfect space for almost 4 years, and what started out as a place to share about my handmade goods and Etsy shop has transformed to something different.

I love writing, and I have grown to love sharing words of hope and help. Sharing about my faith, parenting, life and marriage, and homeschooling has become the emphasis here, and with that has come the desire to shift gears a bit and change some things up.

I’m so very excited to announce that I am in the process of building a new space to more clearly reflect myself and my message with you. A new website is in the works! The heart behind this change and the new website is to offer words of hope and cast vision for the greater purposes we have during our time on this earth, and to look for the truth, goodness, and beauty wrapped up in our days. I’m a homeschool momma, so a lot of my perspective will be shaped by that fact. I want to help encourage others on that journey as well which will be a big part of my writing.

And I would love for you to come along with me!


Until the new website is complete, you can connect with me on Facebook here. I would love for you to come and like my page and to stay up to date and connected with all that’s going on.

Also, something I am really excited about, is starting a newsletter to connect with my readers a little more! This has been a desire of mine for a while, and I’m so happy to get it going! Those in my newsletter community will be the first to know all that’s going on, as well as other exclusive things. I would be honored if you would jump in and be a part of that community as I take some big steps and pursue some big goals for the year ahead. Head over to my email newsletter sign up here to get in on that! (I promise, promise I will never spam you or waste your time! Only good things for you!)

So that will do it for Thank you for walking with me here, and hopefully walking with me in the days ahead! I can’t wait to share all the new, good stuff with you and see what 2017 will bring our way!  ❤

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