Meet Heather

Oh Hi there

Thanks for stopping in to learn a little more about me!

First thing to know is that I am a Christian. I know that statement can carry all kinds of thoughts and presumptions with it, so I don’t know how to say it properly to convey what that looks like in my life and how important it is.

It’s more than just, “I know there is a God. I know He is there.”

It’s more than just, “I love Jesus!”

It’s more than just, “I go to church.”

It is those things, but it’s more. It effects every facet of my life. My marriage. My parenting. My relationships. Everything.

I am so far from perfect, and am definitely aware that I am a sinner who was saved by God’s grace. I didn’t deserve it. That is the beauty of the Gospel. Perfect Christ came, lived, died, and conquered  death for His imperfect sinful children. And now I get to (not have to, but get to!) live my life to glorify Him!

In my marriage, my parenting, my relationships, everything, I get to glorify Him. And, that’s just what I am trying to do.

In Christ Alone pic

Next thing to know about me is that I am a wife. I am married to a man who is so clearly an example of God’s kindness to me. He is the motivation to my procrastination. He is the order to my disorder. He is the dish washer when I leave the dishes in the sink! 🙂  He challenges me to think deeper, to love others more, and to be and do more than I think I can. And, he is super cheesy and makes me laugh! He is too good for me, and I’m so thankful to do life with this man!

Me and the hubs!
Me and the hubs! Pre kids. There are not many pics of just the 2 of since the kiddos came along. But, this is one of my faves! 

And, I am a momma. I have 3 kids that I am so incredibly thankful for. K, my oldest and very dramatic little girl, O, my middle silly/sweet child, and N, my youngest who most days lives up to the nicknames bruiser or destructor. They make my life way more interesting! 🙂 I do like to refer to them as my little sanctification machines, because the Lord DEFINITELY uses them to refine me and make me more like Him! They are hilarious, crazy, smart, silly, sensitive, fun, and super loving. I adore being their momma!

My 3 kids

And, here are a few other random things to know about me, in no particular order (because I am sure you are just dying to know)….

I love a little coffee with my flavored creamer. Pumpkin spice or peppermint mocha, Mmmm!
I am a huge dreamer, but I struggle to follow through on all I dream up.
My husband and I met while on a mission trip and got married almost exactly one year later. When you know you know, right?!?
I love classical music and wish that I could play the violin or the piano.
We often crank up some music and have dance parties around the house.
I am of the perfectionistic variety that struggles to get things done unless the conditions and circumstances are perfect.
My home has never been completely clean and put together, and I doubt it ever will be (and I think I’m ok with that, for now). The conditions and circumstances never line up so that I can do it well! 🙂
I am definitely a glass half full kind of girl and I try to find something positive in all situations. Sometimes it’s just to laugh at the situation and find some humor in it! That always helps!
I know a lot of random things about pop culture, which brings shame to my husband. 🙂
I love creativity, in myself and in others! It’s so fun to think up a fun new thing or new way to do something!
I love good conversations! Small talk is ok, but I really enjoy deep conversations with people, even if I just met them!

So, you awesome person there, let’s be real here, and let’s be friends!


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