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Welcome to What is Perfect!

I am so thankful that you stopped by! I know that your time is precious, so I don’t take it lightly that you chose to spend a little of it here! My hope is that you will be encouraged and inspired, and maybe find a little humor from time to time!

So, what is perfect? My life? Certainly not! I try and fail all the time! Our homeschool? Baahaha! We are still fumbling along this fun journey. My family? Step in for just a second and you will see that is clearly not the case! I believe that God has given me, you, and everyone the life we have for a reason, and that our imperfect life is the best for us! We will mess up, a lot, but it’s in the mess that God shapes us and makes us more like Him. Jesus Christ is the only one who is actually perfect. It is my hope that with each post, each story or entry I share, that I will point back to Him who is perfect. He’s what matters most anyway!

I’m living with 3 wonderful rascals and my amazing husband, trying to love them and those around me well, striving to love the Lord and learn more about Him, and learning how to do this homeschool thing. Ultimately, I’m just a woman trying to do everything that is on my plate well for the glory of the Lord. These are the things you will read about here. I will share how I’m living, loving, and learning in this little life of mine!

(Find out why I think each of these are important in the links above!)

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