My Etsy Shop

I love creativity! I love taking plain things and making them into something different, and beautiful! A blank page is just begging for words to be put upon it (or a lovely crayon drawing!). Pieces of felt cry out to me to become beautiful flowers or something else adorable! Creating is such a fun process of taking the ordinary and making it beautiful. My God took nothing, absolutely nothing, and created the whole world! Now that is creativity! He is the first and greatest artist. He is the great Creator.

My fun little outlet for creativity is in my Etsy shop, which I am super proud of! Here is the story of how that came to be…

Starting my Etsy shop was at the urging and encouragement of some of my best friends after they received the gifts I had made them. Our budget was tight (uhh, still is!), but I still wanted to bless my friends with Christmas gifts. Enter Pinterest! I found a tutorial for wrapping cardboard letters with yarn that I thought looked doable, and super cute! So, I jumped in with the letter “L” which took no time at all, super easy, and I thought, “wow, wrapping these letters will be a piece of cake!” My next letter was a “B,” and I no longer thought wrapping letters was a piece of cake! No matter how easy or how tricky the letters were to wrap, I really enjoyed the process of wrapping the letters and loved the completed project! Then the talk of an Etsy shop came up.

Other than having heard of the website Etsy, I was pretty much unfamiliar with it. The idea of starting a shop and selling things online was a little overwhelming. Then there are all the details to figure out, like how much to charge, how much time it will take, getting pictures taken and put up. There were a lot of details, but I thought, why not? Why not try it out and see what happens? It could be a total bust and maybe no one will like anything that I make (I was not the first yarn wrapped letter shop out there!), or maybe someone would. I would never know unless I tried.

So, I had a few things made, went to see my bff (the one who encouraged me to open a shop) and she took AMAZING photos of my little creations! Seriously, I don’t think I would have had any success apart from her! Well, the Lord is ultimately in control, even of my Etsy shop, but I totally think He used her pictures to help me make some sales! 🙂  (**By the way, you should check out her website here and see her work! Amazing!**)

I opened up my little shop and was so happy to get positive feedback so quickly! It wasn’t long until some of my items were “favorited,” my shop got a few followers, and then my first sale! It all felt very confirming and exciting! I was able to make some cool things, and personalize them for people from all over the country! How cool is that!

And, can I just tell you how much I LOVE the Etsy community! I have been so encouraged by other sellers and so inspired by their work. I mean, there are some crazy talented people out there! I just wrap some yarn around some letters, but there are people who actually make yarn! What?!? Amazing! It is an incredible community of people, and I am so happy to be a part of it!

The shop is growing and changing, and right now I am throwing myself in to wrapping with jute chord exclusively! Think natural, rustic, and beautiful! I enjoy creating, and especially creating with that medium. I’m excited to see what will be ahead with my little shop!

Bookends for my bff's little boy.
Bookends for my bff’s little boy.
Close up of the cutie little fox! I love that little guy!
Close up of the cutie little fox! I love that little guy!
My handmade felt flowers. They are so fun to make, and so very pretty!
My handmade felt flowers. They are so fun to make, and so very pretty!


I love creating things, and thinking up new things to make! I hope I pass on a love for creativity and art with my kiddos too, because…




Make sure to visit my Etsy shop and see all the fun things there! 

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