#Write31Days Series

Every October tons of writers join in the #Write31Days challenge. The goal is to write and share something each day for the entire month. Every year since I’ve had this little space on the internet I’ve consider the challenge and debated jumping in. I tried one year, but I didn’t get very far. (You know, life and stuff get in the way…)

But I’m jumping in again this year and going to challenge myself to post, to share, and to write something everyday this month. I love a good challenge! 😉

And, I love sharing about things I love and things that I believe will be helpful for others.

So, I hope you’ll follow along and join me this month as I share all about my unlikely homeschooling journey. Funny stories, tips, and hope will pop up throughout. I’ll post a link to each post here on this page, so bookmark it, save it, but make sure to find your way back here each day! 🙂


October 2016 #Write31Days Series

“So, I think we should homeschool.”

We Plan, but The Lord Directs

Isn’t it Ironic

But I’m a Mess, Literally 

Our Homeschool Week {one}

Little Miss High School is Homeschooling

But I Know Me…I Can’t Homeschool {part 1}

But I Know Me…I Can’t Homeschool {part 2}

Think on What is True

To the Doubting Mom Who is or Wants to Homeschool

To the Mom Who Thinks She’s Not Qualified to Teach Her Kids

Our Homeschool Week {two}

To the Mom with Little Ones Who Thinks She Can’t Homeschool Them All

Look to the Eternal